bi fosfor FOREST

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria for Coniferous Plants

bi fosfor FOREST is based on specially selected Bacillus megaterium bacteria, which effectively support the phosphorus nutrition of coniferous plants in forests and ornamental plantations. These bacteria have the ability to release phosphorus compounds from organic and inorganic phosphorus compounds in the soil, making it available to coniferous plants.
Available packaging:
1 kg
5 kg

Benefits of use:

Provides phosphorus to coniferous plants from the soil
Positively influences the decomposition of organic matter
Supports soil phytosanitation by limiting the occurrence of pathogens
Beneficially affects the growth and quality of coniferous plants in forest nurseries and ornamental plantations
Improves soil structure and contributes to the formation of humus

Product description:


Phosphorus is one of the essential macronutrients required for the growth of plants, including coniferous trees. It plays a crucial role in metabolic processes such as photosynthesis, DNA and RNA synthesis, and energy transfer. Although coniferous forests often grow on acidic and phosphorus-poor soils, this element is still vital for their healthy growth and development. Therefore, introducing appropriate forest management practices, such as using microbiological products, can be beneficial for ensuring adequate phosphorus availability for plants in coniferous forests.

The special phosphate solubilizing bacteria in the bi fosfor FOREST product play a significant role in the phosphorus cycle in the soil, which can have a favourable impact on plants, including coniferous trees. The action of phosphate solubilizing bacteria contributes to improving soil structure and quality by decomposing organic matter and creating soil colloids. These bacteria also participate in the dissolution of organic and mineral phosphorus compounds, releasing it in a form accessible to plants.

Phosphorus availability supports the growth and development of coniferous trees, improving their resistance to environmental stresses and their ability to produce healthy shoots, needles, and roots. As a result, specially selected phosphate solubilizing bacteria in bi fosfor FOREST are an important element of the healthy functioning of forest ecosystems, including coniferous forests, by facilitating access to essential nutrients for trees and other plants.

Bacillus megaterium bacteria at a quantity of 1x109 CFU per each gram of product.

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs1 kg/400-600 l water/ha1-2 times per season
Coniferous Plants1 kg/350-1000 l water/ha1-2 times per season in early spring or autumn

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