Lignohumat Super

Humic acids product

Lignohumat Super is a strongly concentrated plant-derived humic product. Its action is aimed at improving both the structure and quality of soil, as well as actively supporting crop growth. This advanced and innovative product constitutes a coherent mixture of humic acids, consisting of humic and fulvic acids.
Available packaging:
0,5 kg
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Improves soil structure and enhances fertility
Strengthens soil buffering capacity and regulates pH
Prevents the loss of macro- and micronutrients
Acts in the soil similar to special hydrogels, retaining water
Supports the development of beneficial and useful soil microflora

Product description:


Lignohumat Super has been created to effectively improve the soil, providing plants with favourable conditions for growth and yield. The humic acids in the product are derived from processed lignin. Thanks to the dynamic development of technology, they are much more effective than those used in most humic products available on the market, which are made from leonardite or brown coal. After applying Lignohumat Super to the soil, the humic acids contained in it act immediately and do not require a decomposition period, unlike other products available on the market, which need time and proper conditions to release their action. The additional content of potassium and sulphur contributes to the optimal nutrition of plants, thus supporting their condition and productivity.

One of the many advantages of Lignohumat Super is its excellent solubility and consistent composition quality. Humic acids, applied to crop residues, prepare the soil perfectly for sowing both winter and spring crops. The product can be used regardless of weather conditions, although it works best in moist soil. An important aspect is that the product does not replace basic fertilisation but rather serves as an effective tool for farmers aiming to achieve more productive and healthier plants. Simultaneously improving soil quality provides long-term benefits for the natural environment and agricultural production and supports soil biological life by accelerating the proliferation of beneficial microflora.

Humic acids in the amount of 90%, including approximately 80% humic acids and 15-20% fulvic acids, as well as small amounts of potassium, sulphur, and micronutrients.

Grains, maize, leguminous plants, industrial plants, energy crops, catch crops1 kg/200-300 l water/haSoil spraying 2-3 weeks before sowing or planting

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