nanogro aqua FOREST

Coniferous plant growth stimulator

nanogro aqua FOREST is a modern plant growth stimulator that strengthens coniferous plants and enhances their resistance to adverse conditions. Specifically formulated for spraying young plants in forest and ornamental plantations, this growth stimulator ensures high resilience to environmental stresses, promotes the rooting of young plants, and increases the success acceptance of seedlings. It also positively impacts the growth and shape of conifers, comprehensively influencing plant metabolism.
Available packaging:
250 ml
5 L

Benefits of use:

Promotes the growth of the root system and above-ground parts of coniferous seedlings
Guarantees appropriate growth, shape, and high quality of conifers
Induces plant resistance to stressful conditions
Rapidly regenerates plants after mechanical damage and stresses
Increases tolerance to pests and pathogens present in forest plantations

Product description:


This coniferous plant growth stimulator is designed for use in ornamental plant and forest plantations. It is a specialist product intended for spraying both young plants at the beginning of their growth and older ones during spring growth. It greatly enhances the development and regeneration of the root system of young conifers, providing them with adequate water and nutrient resources. Additionally, it supports plant growth and densification while strengthening cell walls, thereby increasing their resistance to diseases and pests.

Upon application to crops, nanogro aqua FOREST - the plant and root growth stimulator, quickly penetrates plant cells. Thanks to the presence of sulphates of several elements in nano-molar concentrations, it activates the plant's natural defence system by triggering the accumulation of nutrients and the production of natural hormones. As a result, it strengthens and develops the root system and supports natural protective barriers, such as wax.

Furthermore, the latest generation humic acids derived from processed lignin contained in the product enhance plant resilience by creating an additional protective layer on its surface. These substances increase the adhesion of the product, facilitating the penetration of active substances into the plant, especially when nanogro aqua FOREST is used with foliar fertilisers or plant protection products. Humic acids also act as stimulants, supporting the rapid growth of coniferous plants, especially in key phases of their development, and assisting in the accumulation and processing of nutrients to obtain high-quality trees and shrubs.

Metal sulphates in nano-molar concentration, latest generation humic acids derived from lignin processing - not from leonardites.

Coniferous trees and shrubs250 ml / 200-600 l water/ ha1 – 2 treatments per season
Protection against frost / heatAccording to the table above, apply 2 - 3 days before expected frost, heat, regeneration can be repeated after 7 - 10 days.
Regeneration after damage by heat shock and plant protection productsAccording to the table above, spray immediately upon noticing symptoms.

nanogro aqua can be used in combination with mineral fertilisers, growth stimulators, insecticides, and fungicides.

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