Fertilizer for Soybeans and Leguminous Plants

SOLER L is a highly effective and innovative micronutrient fertilizer designed for soybeans and leguminous plants, formulated according to their specific agricultural needs. This product, available in an easy-to-use gel form, contains a high concentration of systemic copper and sulphur, which enhances crop health and ensures proper plant nutrition, effectively stimulating growth and increasing yields. Advanced technologies, SILEVEL™ and QM6™, enable more efficient nutrient absorption and activate defence mechanisms during critical stages of cultivation.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L
20 L

Benefits of use:

Quickly addresses micronutrient deficiencies in plants
Gel consistency allows for easy and complete absorption into plants
High levels of sulphur and systemic copper ensure proper plant nutrition and positively impact crop health
Effectively stimulates plant growth and increases yields
Easy to dose and prepare for application

Product description:


Proper fertilisation of soybeans and leguminous plants is a crucial factor determining successful yields. Soybean cultivation requires creating optimal soil conditions. Soybeans, belonging to the legume family, have high thermal requirements and are very sensitive to early ground frosts. This plant requires special attention, especially during two critical periods: from sowing to emergence and during the flowering phase. Temperature fluctuations or water deficiencies during these times can negatively affect crop quality, but the use of SOLER L fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants significantly minimises these risks.

The specialist fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants has been developed using SILEVEL™ technology. Nutrient components are enclosed in special interpacket spaces, allowing for slow and prolonged release into the soil. The silicon-based hydrogel fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants extends the availability of micronutrients, ensuring even supply to crops at different growth stages.

SOLER L micronutrient fertiliser is hygroscopic, resisting drying out, readily swelling, and exhibiting excellent adhesion to plants, making it resistant to rain wash-off. The fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants contains high doses of sulphur and systemic copper. These mineral components have health-promoting effects on plants: strengthening, disinfecting, and stimulating growth, flowering, and fruiting. Sulphur promotes root growth and increases plant resistance to diseases and damage caused by pests. Adequate sulphur supply ensures the maintenance of the proper amount of proteins in the plant. Copper is essential for proper plant metabolism, positively affecting the photosynthesis process, neutralising free radicals, and participating in lignification processes. Copper is a necessary nutrient not only in soybean cultivation but also in other plants.

The foliar fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants has been developed using the stimulating mechanism QM6™, which triggers plant defence responses and increases its ability to accumulate nutrients from the fertiliser and water, especially in critical stages of development when adequate irrigation is essential for successful cultivation.

The chloride-free SOLER L fertiliser limits the development of pathogenic pathogens and, due to its fungicidal properties, acts as a disinfectant on the sprayer and on the crop itself, reducing the risk of harmful microorganism proliferation.

Boron (B) - 0.40% w/w, Copper (Cu) – 1.50% w/w, Manganese (Mn) – 3.50% w/w, Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.02% w/w, Zinc (Zn) – 4.00% w/w, Sulphur (SO3) – 12.30% w/w.

Second pair of leaves expanded (BBCH 12-15)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Onset of lateral shoot development (BBCH 21-29)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Onset of inflorescence formation (BBCH 51-55)1,0 l /ha200-500 l

Additional information:

SOLER L fertiliser for soybeans and leguminous plants is easy to pour and mixes well – its gel consistency ensures convenient dosing and trouble-free application. The product has a long shelf life and retains all its efficacy even after many months.

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