bi bean

Bacterial Vaccine for Beans

bi bean is a microbiological product for beans containing symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium phaseoli that improve plant health and increase their yield. This effective product works in a completely safe manner and brings about rapid results.
Available packaging:
1 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases the availability of easily absorbable nitrogen to plants
Improves phytosanitary conditions in the soil
Strengthens plants and enhances their yield by up to 10-20%
Increases the protein content in plant seeds
Influences the improvement of soil structure and its fertility

Opis produktu:


The microbiological product bi bean contains carefully selected pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium phaseoli - microorganisms involved in the formation of nodules in the roots of leguminous plants. Rhizobium bacteria accelerates growth by facilitating the processing of atmospheric nitrogen, increases the protein content in bean seeds, and ensures a rise in yield.

The Rhizobium phaseoli bacteria contained in the bi bean improve the plant's resistance to stress and enhance phytosanitary conditions in the soil. The presence of a sufficiently large population of symbiotic bacteria contributes to increasing the soil's nutrient content and participates in creating its beneficial structure. Symbiotic bacteria coexist with the root system of beans and provide them with easily absorbable nitrogen and other essential nutrients necessary for proper growth and yield. Crops with the bi bean product yielding more efficiently and exhibit greater resistance to adverse growing conditions, including pests and common diseases. The microbiological vaccine for beans with a large amount of Rhizobium phaseoli bacteria positively influences the growth and development of the root system of leguminous plants, making crops more resistant to adverse growth conditions, especially stress caused by temperature changes or water deficiency.

The application of the product with Rhizobium bacteria improves plant yield by up to 10-20%. bi bean positively affects the qualitative parameters of the yield and is safe and desirable in the soil as it creates favorable conditions for plants. Pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria contained in the bi bean compete for space with pathogenic microorganisms, support nitrogen fixation in nature by facilitating its binding from the atmosphere and making it available to plants. The bi bean is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment, and it is free of any withholding period.

Pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium phaseoli in a quantity of at least 3x109 CFU per 1 gram of the product embedded in sterilized, pulverized peat.

Beans: 3.0-3.5 kg of bi bean per 1 tonne of seeds.

Additional information:

bi bean is a unique microbiological vaccine for beans containing such a large quantity of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium phaseoli in 1 gram of the product.

bi bean is best used together with the bi protect (applied as a pre-sowing spray or seed dressing), as well as with humic acids Lignohumat Super (used for soil spraying before sowing).

The bi bean has the PZH Attestation, confirming compliance with current safety standards.

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