nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK

Potato tubers treatment

nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK is an innovative, highly concentrated plant growth stimulator specifically developed for use in treating potato tubers. Its comprehensive action affects plant metabolism, inducing resistance to diseases and stresses while improving their ability to uptake water and nutrients. The use of nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK results in increased both quantity and quality of tubers, and positively influences their uniform development.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L

Benefits of use:

Ensures rapid and uniform potato sprouting
Promotes the growth of stolons and potato tubers
Stimulates natural plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions
Strengthens and stimulates the plant's natural defence
Guarantees high-quality yield growth

Product description:


nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK is designed to prepare potato seed material (tubers) by treating it. A plant that gains strength from the initial vegetative stages will grow better in later stages, forming stolons, roots, and early tubers. The plant growth stimulator for potato tubers treatment is completely safe and allows the plant to have a better start, especially during sprouting.

The modern and unique formula of the plant stimulator, consisting of metal sulphates at nanomolar concentrations and the latest generation of humic acids derived from processed lignin, applied to the seed tuber, triggers the plant's natural forces, allowing for the maximum utilisation of its genetic potential. Tubers treated with the product sprouting faster and more efficiently, even in adverse soil and weather conditions, such as drought or extremely low or high temperatures. The action of the product, penetrating the plant, initiates the activation of its natural defence system by producing more reserve substances, such as sugars, proteins, and natural hormones.

The humic acids present in the product increase its adhesion to the seed material (tubers), facilitating the penetration of active substances deep into the plant, especially when nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK is used in combination with fertilisers or plant protection products. Additionally, humic acids exhibit stimulating action, similar to natural auxins, supporting rapid plant growth, especially at key stages of their development, and assisting in the accumulation and processing of nutrients into high-quality yield.

Concentrated product containing metal sulphates at nanomolar concentrations, the latest generation of humic acids (derived from lignin processing, not from leonardites). The composition has been composed to facilitate absorption into the potato seed and good coverage of the tuber surface.

Potato tubers treatment: 1 L / 1 t of tubers, add to the chemical plant protection products, fertilisers, mix, and treat as usual.

Additional information:

The product can be used as a supplement to standard chemical seed treatment.


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