full kondycja

Water conditioner

full kondycja is a versatile water conditioner used to enhance the effectiveness of agronomic treatments conducted with poor-quality spray solutions. The use of this comprehensive spray solution conditioner offers numerous benefits aimed at improving wetting, enhancing the adhesion of the spray solution to leaves, and assisting in the uptake of active ingredients. The product improves the mixability and reduces the drift and foaming of the spray solution.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L

Benefits of use:

Regulates the pH of the spray solution and provides buffering properties
Neutralises the effects of heavy metals and reduces water hardness
Increases the efficiency of distributing active substances on plants
Minimises the issue of spray solution drying on the surface of the plant
Acts as an anti-stress agent and reduces the dosage of active substances

Product description:


The innovative water conditioner developed by AGRARIUS acts as a supplement to treatments aimed at improving wetting, increasing the efficiency of active ingredient uptake, improving mixability, dispersion, and emulsifying properties, and enhancing the adhesion of the spray solution to leaves. The use of Full Kondycja is an effective and economical solution to the problem of low water quality. Thanks to the presence of fulvic acids, the water conditioner demonstrates high effectiveness. Full Kondycja has the ability to improve adhesion and stimulate the mechanism for the uptake of active ingredients to maximise the effectiveness of conditioning the spray solution. The product contains organic acids and surfactants that do not inhibit the action of fungicides. Through the synergistic combination of surface-active substances, it beneficially affects surface tension, thereby reducing undesirable foaming of the spray solution. The main ingredient of the water conditioner is fulvic acid, which finds wide application in agriculture. It is particularly recommended for clay-rich soils where water retention problems occur. Fulvic acids improve the ability of soils to retain moisture and increase air permeability, which has a beneficial effect on plant roots. Fulvic acids have chelating properties, meaning they can form complexes with minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, and other micronutrients, making them more readily available to plants. Water conditioner containing fulvic acids acts as a natural immune stimulant for plants, aiding them in combating pathogens and environmental stresses. It also increases plant resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions.

The water conditioner has a balanced composition, including: a substance improving the uptake of active ingredients, fulvic acids, pH regulators, chelating substances, anti-foaming agents, and wetting agents.

1 - 2 l / 1000 l of waterDepending on the pH of the water used for spraying, use 1 to 2 litres of the product per 1000 litres of water. After the conditioner is completely mixed with water, active ingredients (plant protection products, fertilisers, stimulants, etc.) can be added in the order recommended by the manufacturers of the products. Use only with clean sprayers.

Additional information:

full kondycja water conditioner does not contain oils and silicone in its composition.

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