bi soya

Bacteria for Soybean Inoculation

The microbiological fertilizer bi soya contains bacteria for soybean inoculation. This effective product safely reduces the occurrence of pathogens in soybean cultivation, improves plant health, increases yield, and positively impacts its quality. The product has no withholding period and can be successfully used in organic farming.
Available packaging:
1 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases the availability of easily assimilable nitrogen for future crops
Positively affects phytosanitary conditions in the soil
Beneficially influences plant health and increases yield by 10-20%
Increases protein content in plants (mainly in seeds)
Contributes to creating a favourable soil structure and improves its fertility

Product description:


The microbiological product bi soya with pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum embedded in sterilized shredded peat is specially composed to meet the nutritional needs of soybeans. The bacteria for soybean inoculation contained in the bi soya participate in the formation of nodules on the roots of plants, accelerate the growth of soybeans, and have a beneficial effect on yield.

Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria facilitate the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into a form readily available to plants, thus ensuring proper growth of the green mass. Additionally, bacteria for soybean inoculation contained in the bi soya product increase the protein content in soybean seeds, improve plant resistance to stress, and provide phytosanitary conditions for cultivation. A large population of Bradyrhizobium bacteria positively affects the soil's nutrient content and helps to create its beneficial granular structure.

Symbiotic bacteria for soybean inoculation coexist with the plant root system, providing it not only with nitrogen but also with all the necessary nutrients for growth. After applying a product containing such bacteria, plants grow faster, are significantly less susceptible to adverse growing conditions such as stress or water deficiency, and the pressure from pests and diseases is much lower.

Thanks to Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria, the soil can be maintained in better condition with appropriate physical properties, which is essential in demanding soybean cultivation. This plant requires fertile soil with the right profile and an abundance of nitrogen for proper growth and yield. Using the bi soya for soybean seeds inoculation from the outset provides germinating seeds with better growth conditions. Soybeans plant live in symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and delivering them through seed inoculation guarantees plants a good start from germination. Using the bi soya product ensures an increase in yield and its better quality even on poorer soil types, and it is completely safe for humans, animals, and the entire ecosystem.

Specially selected symbiotic bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum in quantities of at least 2x109 CFU per gram of product embedded in sterilized shredded peat intended for soybeans.

Soybeans: 3 kg bi soya / t seeds.

Additional information:

Bacteria for soybean inoculation should be used together with the bi protect product (used for seed inoculation or pre-sowing as a spray), as well as with humic acids contained in the Lignohumat Super (as a soil spray before seed sowing).

The bi soya has a PZH Attestation, confirming compliance with current safety standards.

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