Forest Max

Nitrogen Fertiliser

Forest Max is a specialised nitrogen fertiliser designed for use in forest and ornamental tree plantations. It features a selectively chosen combination of nitrogen and micronutrients, with a long-term effect. The stabilised nitrogen, available to plants for up to three months, plays a crucial role as a reservoir of this element for conifers, especially in drought conditions typical of such crops; the availability of nitrogen, supported by micronutrients, is essential.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L

Benefits of use:

Ensures rapid growth and proper density
Supports physiological processes in coniferous plants
Enhances intense colour and maintains the condition of conifers
Contains stabilised nitrogen, acting for up to 100 days through innovative methods
Renders plants resistant to adverse environmental conditions

Product description:


Significant reduction of nutrients occurs in forest nurseries, unlike in forests where some micronutrients return to the soil as forest litter. Due to the extraction of seedlings from nurseries, a considerable amount of mineral nutrients is lost because whole plants, including roots and above-ground parts, are harvested there. Additionally, rainfall and artificial irrigation leach some nutrients beyond the root zone, contributing to the depletion of soil resources.

Nitrogen plays a crucial role in coniferous plants and soil as a component of plant proteins forming green mass. Nitrogen deficiency results in short needles and incomplete colouration. Forest Max is a carefully selected combination of ingredients that support physiological processes in coniferous plants and enable rapid growth. This fertiliser for conifers ensures proper density, intense needle colour, and adequate condition under any climatic conditions and locations.

Humic substances, contained in Forest Max fertiliser, complement its qualitative and functional value excellently. They naturally contribute to the efficient utilisation of nutrients by the plant, especially in the case of species growing among coniferous trees. Upon reaching the soil with the spray, these substances improve its structure and facilitate nutrient uptake by plant roots.

Nitrogen with stabiliser - 15% m/m, Manganese - 0.1% m/m, Sodium - 2.2% m/m, Copper - 0.01% m/m, Boron - 0.01% m/m, Zinc - 0.01% m/m, Molybdenum - 0.01% m/m, Cobalt - 0.001% m/m. Humic substances derived from processed lignin - 30% m/m.

Forest Nurseries2-3 l/200-400 l water/ha2-4 times per season
Christmas Tree Plantations2-3 l/200-400 l water/ha2-4 times per season depending on plant age and height

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