SOLER Forest

Conifer Feed

SOLER Forest is a microelement fertiliser in gel form specially designed for coniferous trees in forest nurseries and conifer plantations, offering a modern and effective solution. This product is characterised by a high content of sulphur and systemic copper, which have a beneficial effect on the health and development of conifers, as well as their intense green colour. The microelements in this fertiliser act as fortifiers, promoting health, cleansing, and stimulating effects, while enhancing plant resistance to fungal and bacterial infections. Additionally, advanced technologies used in product development, such as SILEVEL™ and QM6™, increase its effectiveness, resulting in better outcomes in conifer cultivation.
Available packaging:
250 ml
1 L

Benefits of use:

Nourishes coniferous plants and provides them with necessary microelements for a healthy appearance
Gel form ensures almost complete absorption of the conifer feed
High content of sulphur and systemic copper effectively nourishes conifers and improves their phytosanitary condition
Stimulates the growth of coniferous plants in nurseries and plantations
Provides resistance to adverse growing conditions

Product description:


Coniferous plants, especially in forest nurseries, require various microelements essential for their proper growth, development, and functioning. Boron (B) influences root growth and development, copper (Cu) is essential in the process of photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, while also aiding in the transportation and accumulation of nutrients in coniferous plants. Manganese (Mn) stimulates plant's ability to absorb water, and molybdenum (Mo) participates in nitrogen metabolism, affecting protein synthesis. Zinc (Zn) helps in the production of hormones responsible for regulating plant growth.

SOLER Forest provides plants with essential microelements that regulate key metabolic processes, such as the production of sugars, hormones, and chlorophyll. Well-nourished plants exhibit rapid growth, intense colouration, and proper shape. Additionally, this fertiliser is a rich source of sulphur in the feed, which is a significant factor in plant resistance to diseases, pests, and stressful conditions. SOLER Forest is a safe product for young plants as it contains only carefully selected, effective mineral ingredients.

Thanks to the SILEVEL™ technology, silica-based hydrogels create special spaces, accumulating nutrients that are gradually released upon contact with the plant, prolonging their availability for conifers. SOLER Forest fertiliser, specially developed for coniferous trees, is hygroscopic, providing resistance to drying out and ensuring fertilisation effectiveness, even during light rainfall. Moreover, with the stimulating mechanism of QM6™, plants have increased water and nutrient retention.

The product is safe, chloride-free, and exhibits fungicidal action for plants, limiting the development of pathogens. Its gel consistency allows for long-term storage while maintaining full effectiveness. Additionally, easy mixing makes it convenient and practical to use.

Boron (B) – 1.00% (w/w), Copper (Cu) – 1.50% (w/w), Manganese (Mn) – 4.00% (w/w), Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.02% (w/w), Zinc (Zn) – 3.50% (w/w), Sulphur (SO3) – 12.3% (w/w).

1 L / 300-600 L water / ha; 2-4 applications per season.

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