nanogro aqua

Plant growth stimulator

nanogro aqua is an innovative plant and root growth stimulator that induces plant resistance to adverse growing conditions and environmental stresses. This next-generation growth stimulator is designed for foliar spraying in all agricultural, horticultural, vegetable, ornamental, and industrial crops. Its action guarantees high crop resistance to environmental stresses and contributes to significant yield increases. The comprehensive effect of nanogro aqua also supports plant metabolism and aids in faster recovery after damage.
Available packaging:
250 ml
5 L

Benefits of use:

Promotes increased root and above-ground plant mass
Ensures higher yields of excellent quality
Strengthens plant resistance to stressful conditions
Supports rapid plant regeneration after damage
Increases resistance to pest and pathogen attacks

Product description:


nanogro aqua plant and root growth stimulator, upon application in crops, quickly penetrates into the cells. The low concentration metal sulphates contained in it activate the plant's natural defence system. This practically helps them more efficiently accumulate nutrients, produce natural hormones, develop stronger roots, and create specific protective barriers such as waxes, hairs, or cuticles. Additionally, thanks to modern humic acids derived from processed lignin, the plant is further fortified and stabilised.

The initial reaction of plants to the application of the nanogro aqua plant growth stimulator is increased root development, both in length and the formation of root hairs, which play a crucial role in water and nutrient uptake. The next stage of plant response is faster shoot growth, intense flowering, and the formation of crops such as fruits, grains, or seeds.

The protective barrier formed on the plant's surface, thanks to the humic acids contained in the plant growth stimulator nanogro aqua, protects them from excessive sunlight, excessive transpiration, and attacks by diseases and pests. Humic acids also contribute to better adhesion of the product, facilitating the penetration of active substances deep into the plants, especially when the nanogro aqua is used together with foliar fertilisers or plant protection products. Humic acids act as stimulants and, like natural auxins, accelerate plant growth, especially at key stages of their growth. They also help accumulate valuable nutrients, transforming them into high-quality yields.

Metal sulphates in nanomolar concentration, the latest generation of humic acids derived from lignin processing - not from leonardites.

Agricultural and Industrial Plants250 ml / max. up to 200 L of water / ha1-2 treatments per season
Horticultural Vegetables250-375 ml / max. up to 200 L of water / ha2-4 treatments per season
Fruit Trees and Shrubs375 ml / max. up to 400 L of water / ha2-4 treatments per season
Ornamental Plants25 ml / max. up to 20 L of water1-2 treatments per season

Protection against frost/heat: apply 2-3 days before expected frost/heat, regeneration can be repeated after 7-10 days.
Regeneration after damage by pests and diseases: spray immediately after symptoms are noticed.

nanogro aqua can be used in combination with mineral fertilisers, growth stimulators, insecticides, and fungicides.


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