Silicon Fertiliser

A modern foliar silicon fertiliser represents an innovative solution that supports plant resilience to adverse environmental conditions during the growing season. Silicon present in the fertiliser plays a crucial role in building natural plant defence mechanisms by strengthening their cell walls. As a result, the silicon fertiliser quickly replenishes its deficiencies, translating into effective support for plant resilience. The special formula ensures the high effectiveness of this product.
Available packaging:
250 ml
1 L
5 L

Benefits of use:

Supports plants in silicon assimilation, resulting in increased water retention in cells, leading to improved plant health and yield
Silicon forms a protective shield on the leaf surface, making it difficult for pathogens and pests to penetrate
Various forms of silicon used in the fertiliser act synergistically
The BioCut™ mechanism positively influences growth and cell wall integrity
Thanks to SILEVEL™ technology, silicon quickly penetrates the plant

Product description:


Silicon improves plant photosynthesis efficiency and positively affects ion balance in their cells. Its use in cultivation also contributes to reducing the harmful effects of heavy metals such as aluminium, cadmium, zinc, iron, and manganese.

The innovative technology used in the PoliSil fertiliser guarantees the effectiveness of silicon in the form of silica and clay minerals, which form a double layer of cuticle under the plant's epidermis. The cuticle plays a primary role in protecting the plant from water loss and substances present in the cell wall. The silicon-saturated cuticle layer acts as a barrier preventing fungal hyphae, viruses, and bacteria from penetrating the plant's organism. Thanks to the mechanical properties of silicon-saturated cuticle, plant shoots are less susceptible to damage by insects (such as beetles, caterpillars), and it is also more difficult for them to puncture plant cells (such as aphids, spider mites, thrips, nematodes, and others). Additionally, the reinforced cuticle protects the plant from damage caused by abiotic factors, such as mechanical conditions and frost.

The addition of zinc (Zn) to silicon fertiliser significantly enhances plant resistance to diseases and increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation processes. Zinc plays a significant role in a range of physiological processes occurring in plants, resulting in a beneficial impact on the quantity of yield obtained.

Silicon in various forms 40% (w/w), zinc 2% (w/w).

Field crops, orchard crops, vegetables1-2 l / 200-300 l water/ha2 - 3 treatments per season

Additional information:

In the PoliSil silicon fertiliser formula, two innovative technologies have been used: SILEVEL™, responsible for quick and efficient action thanks to the gel form (suspension), and BioCut™, a mechanism stimulating mechanical processes in leaf cells, leading to their expansion, hardening, and sealing. The silicon content in the fertiliser reaches up to 40% (calculated as SiO₂) and occurs in various forms. Plants fertilised with this preparation show faster growth and achieve higher yields, even under conditions of biotic and abiotic stress. The product is intended for use throughout the growing season, especially in spring and at the beginning of growth, as well as during intensive cropping. For winter plants, it is also recommended to apply the fertiliser in autumn.

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