Specialised products for forestry cultivation

Products designed for use in forests and decorative conifer plantations. Products from the forestry cultivation series guarantee excellent health condition, resistance to challenging environmental conditions and stress, rapid growth, and appropriate density. AGRARIUS products provide durable and vibrant green colour and are 100% safe for the environment.

Forest Max

Specialised nitrogen fertiliser with micronutrients and latest-generation humic acids for use as a spray on needles. A carefully selected combination of ingredients, with nitrogen at the forefront, supports rapid growth, proper density, intense colour, and appropriate condition of conifers.

bi fosfor FOREST

A bacterial product that supports proper nourishment of coniferous plants with phosphorus. Based on individual, carefully selected phosphorus bacteria Bacillus megaterium, it improves phytosanitary condition and decomposition of organic matter in the soil in coniferous plantations and forest plantations.

bi protect FOREST

A microbiological product containing Bacillus subtilis bacteria that effectively decomposes organic matter and co-creates soil structure in forest plantations. Additionally, it beneficially affects the absorption of nutrients from the soil for plants and promotes mycorrhizal development.

nanogro aqua FOREST

A specialised plant growth stimulator dedicated to coniferous plant nurseries and forestry plantations. The preparation excellently influences the development and regeneration of the root system of young plants, supporting the growth and densification of conifers.

SOLER Forest

An innovative micronutrient fertiliser in gel form designed for nourishing coniferous plants in forest and decorative nurseries. The fertiliser contains large amounts of systemic sulphur and copper, which are essential for maintaining resistance to diseases, pests, and stressful conditions.

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