bi lupin

Bacterial Inoculant for Lupine

Bi lupin consists of pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium lupini, which have been specially selected and embedded in sterilized, shredded peat. The group of microorganisms from the Rhizobium genus are nitrogen-fixing symbiotic bacteria that have the ability to form nodules on the roots of lupine plants, including white lupine, yellow lupine, narrow-leaved lupine, and seradella.
Available packaging:
1 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases the amount of absorbable nitrogen in the soil
Ensures good phytosanitary conditions in the substrate
Increases plant yield by up to 20%
Multiplies the protein content in plant seeds
Improves soil structure and fertility

Product description:


Rhizobium lupini are symbiotic bacteria from the Rhizobium genus that participate in the formation of nodules on plant roots and live in symbiosis with them. These bacteria colonize the roots of plants and form root nodules, where atmospheric nitrogen is converted into forms accessible to the plant. This process is crucial for nitrogen assimilation by plants, enabling their growth and development in conditions where nitrogen in the soil is limited. Rhizobium lupini bacteria have the ability to fix nitrogen, meaning they can convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use. In return, plants provide bacteria with sugars and other organic compounds, enabling their survival and reproduction.

The symbiotic bacteria contained in the bi lupin establish a symbiotic relationship with the root system of plants such as yellow lupine, white lupine, narrow-leaved lupine, and seradella. These plants are characterized by higher yields and better resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium lupini in quantities of not less than 2x109 CFU in 1 gram of the product.

White and yellow lupine: 3 kg bi lupin/1 t of seeds.
Narrow-leaved lupine, seradella: 2.5 kg bi lupin/1 t of seeds.

Additional information:

It is recommended to use this product in combination with bi protect, which can be added to seed dressing or applied as a spray before sowing, and with humic acids contained in the Lignohumat Super (spray the soil before sowing).bi lupin has the PZH Attestation, confirming compliance with current safety standards.

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