bi terra

Limits the Occurrence of Soil Pests

bi terra is a microbiological soil product based on carefully selected microorganisms naturally occurring in the soil. Its action aims to create unfavourable conditions for soil pests in agricultural, vegetable, and fruit crops. By changing the living environment and overwintering of these pests, the product supports the natural limitation of damage to the roots of cultivated plants. This is achieved through the decomposition and mineralisation of organic matter, which reduces the conditions for their development and the production of metabolites by microorganisms, creating an environment in the soil that is unattractive for pests.
Available packaging:
100 g
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Naturally reduces the occurrence of soil pests
Provides natural protection for plants against pathogens
Increases plant resistance to environmental stresses
Enhances productivity and improves crop quality
Improves soil structure and enriches it with biological life

Product description:


Agricultural production has long been facing a growing problem caused by soil pests such as wireworms, click beetles, wireworm larvae, cutworms, and wireworms. The threat is particularly noticeable in strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, currant, and forest nursery plantations, as well as in potato, corn, and fruit tree orchards. This problem partially stems from the intensification of cultivation and the lack of crop rotation.

There is a solution to naturally limit the occurrence of soil pests in the form of microbiological products such as bi terra, which delivers microorganisms that colonise the soil near the roots and create unfavourable conditions for the existence of pests. bi terra contains carefully selected microorganisms that inhabit the area around the roots of cultivated plants, promoting their healthy growth and increasing resistance to stressful conditions.

The action of these microorganisms and the substances they produce, such as vitamins, organic acids, specific enzymes, or other metabolites, create an environment around the roots that becomes inhospitable for soil pests, leading to a significant reduction in their occurrence. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the quantity and quality of the yield. bi terra naturally reduces the occurrence of pests attacking plant roots, such as wireworm larvae, click beetles, cutworms, click beetle larvae, cutworms, wireworms, and other soil pests present in agricultural, fruit, vegetable, and forest crops.

Specially selected strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria and non-pathogenic saprophytic fungi in quantities of not less than 1x109 CFU and spores per gram of product.

Agricultural crops1 kg/250-350 l water/haapplied 2-3 times during the season, with the first treatment done in spring.
Vegetable and fruit crops2 kg/300-500 l water/haapplied 2-5 times during the season, with the first treatment done in spring.

Additional information:

When establishing orchards of fruit trees and bushes, apply the product by spraying it into the soil and mixing it with the top layer of soil. In irrigated perennial plantations, the product can be applied through a fertigation system.

Prepare the solution 1-2 hours before the planned treatment, thoroughly mixing it before application. It is recommended to apply it in the morning, evening, or on cloudy and windless days, with temperatures ranging from +12°C to +30°C, preferably on moist soil. It is recommended to mix it shallowly with the soil. Do not use in combination with fungicides.

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