Our solutions

Our innovative foliar and soil preparations utilise natural components to support plant physiological processes through effective fertilisation. It's also important to nourish the soil to maintain its fertility and increase crop profitability. All our products have been created to the highest agricultural standards and address the needs of modern farming.

Product categories

Growth stimulants and supporting preparations

Plant growth stimulants are innovative products designed to support development and yield. These preparations bolster plants weakened by adverse weather conditions, enhance their resistance and durability, and directly influence their ability to yield efficiently.

Microbiological preparations

High-quality microbiological preparations with precise action and high concentration, containing carefully selected strains of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. The aim of using microbiological preparations is to support crops by decomposing organic matter and improving soil structure.


Fertilisers offered by AGRARIUS are created using the latest technologies and specialised mechanisms. Each crop requires specific treatment regarding fertilisation and micronutrient requirements. Soil fertilisation enriches the biological life of the soil, while foliar fertilisation provides the necessary elements during the plant's vegetative period.

Specialised orchard preparations

Professional and safe fertilisers for fruit trees are AGRARIUS's response to the needs of modern fruit cultivation. In the range of products for orchard growers, we find preparations that extend flowering and prevent preharvest fruit drop. All products for orchards are safe for pollinators and do not require any withholding period.

Specialised products for forestry cultivation

Preparations designed for use in forestry nurseries and ornamental coniferous plantations. Products from the forestry series guarantee excellent health condition, resistance to difficult environmental conditions and stress, rapid growth, and proper density. AGRARIUS products ensure long-lasting and lush green colour and are environmentally safe.

Water conditioner

An effective and economical solution to the negative impact of using poor-quality water in sprays. Using a water conditioner enhances the effectiveness of active ingredients in the spray solution.

ECO cultivation preparations

Certified AGRARIUS products are a response to the growing demand for "healthy food". The preparations have been approved for use in organic farming by the Institute of Fertilisation and Soil Science.
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