bi wood

Accelerates the decomposition of wood

bi wood is a microbiological product designed for the decomposition of wood, tree trunks, roots, and branches in orchards and forestry plantations. It is a natural agent that accelerates the breakdown of dead organic matter and increases soil fertility. Bi wood contains soil bacteria and saprophytic fungi that participate in the decomposition of dead plant parts.
Available packaging:
1 kg
5 kg

Benefits of use:

Accelerates the natural decomposition of organic matter
Effectively breaks down lignin and cellulose present in dead wood
Reduces the risk of diseases and pest infestation in plantations
Supports the growth and rooting of young plants
Speeds up the removal of dead tree trunks and branches in orchards and forest plantations

Product description:


bi wood microbiological product is a highly effective natural agent developed for the breakdown of wood, branches, roots, and any dead organic matter in orchards and forest nurseries. The product contains specially selected strains of soil bacteria and saprophytic fungi that participate in the decomposition of dead plant parts rich in cellulose and lignin. The product is excellent for the decomposition of tree trunks, leaves, tree branches, and roots.

The microbiological agent bi wood contains Bacillus bacteria and Trichoderma fungi. Bacillus bacteria are very popular in our climatic zone. These saprophytes naturally occur in the soil and contribute to the breakdown of plant-derived compounds, mainly pectins and carbohydrates. Saprophytic bacteria are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and fruit growing due to their multifaceted positive effects.

Bacillus bacteria improve soil fertility and structure, positively affect crop condition, protect the soil from erosion, positively influence soil water retention, and participate in the cycling of various elements. The microbiological product with wood-decomposing bacteria enables the rapid and effective breakdown of dead organic matter and enriches the soil with nutrients recovered from decomposed plants. The population of saprophytic bacteria also has a positive effect on the entire soil – it mobilises plants to absorb nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen and to produce phytohormones and growth-promoting substances, as well as osmoprotectants and antioxidants that increase plant resistance to stress.

The Trichoderma fungi contained in the bi wood for the decomposition of dead matter inhabit the root zone of plants, enter into symbiosis with the roots, increase their absorptive surface area, and improve the uptake of nutrients. Trichodermas are microorganisms naturally occurring in almost every type of soil and outcompeting fungi negatively affecting crop condition, such as Sclerotinia and Fusarium. Beneficial soil microorganisms Trichoderma are used to prevent fungal diseases that lower crop quality.

A specially selected mixture of various strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria and saprophytic fungi from the Trichoderma sp. genus in an amount not less than 1x109 CFU/spore per 1 gram of the product.

Spraying of plantations (soil and trunks): 3 kg/500-1000 L of water/ha.
Watering of trunks: 2.5 g/0.5-1 L of water/trunk.

Additional information:

bi wood for tree, trunk, and leaf decomposition can be used in the form of a spray or for watering dead matter. The duration of the agent's action depends on the size of the trunk and climatic conditions. In warmer months, the decomposition process progresses faster.

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