bi ferment

Post-fermentation additive

bi ferment is a microbiological supplement designed for use with post-fermentation mass or liquid used as fertilizers in agricultural crops. It enriches the soil with unique strains of microorganisms that contribute to more efficient utilization of nutrients by plants contained in the post-fermentation mass, thereby improving soil quality and structure.
Available packaging:
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Enriches the soil with biological life
Provides plants with nutrients from fertilizers, promoting growth and yield
Promotes decomposition of organic matter and increases humus content
Improves soil structure and fertility
Reduces the unpleasant odour of post-fermentation during and after application to the field Product

Product description:


bi ferment supplement contains strains of bacteria with proven effectiveness based on years of experience. These microorganisms enrich the soil with natural microflora. Additionally, the bacteria in bi ferment have the ability to decompose organic matter and transform it into humus, improving soil structure, fertility, and nutrient content. They release significant macro- and micronutrients for plants and naturally limit the growth of fungal pathogens in crops, contributing to increased resistance and health of plants.

Plants treated with post-fermentation supplemented with microorganisms are stronger, exhibit better growth and resistance, and have a more developed root system.

The bi ferment product, when used with post-fermentation mass, demonstrates synergistic effects, allowing for more efficient, effective, and economical use of the applied post-fermentation mass, thereby reducing the number of applications. Additionally, adding the bi ferment supplement to post-fermentation liquids reduces the saturation of unpleasant odours during the application of post-fermentation to fields.

Five strains of bacteria from the Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis genus.

Apply as a spray or irrigation at a rate of 1-3 kg of the product per 1 hectare of cultivated area, regardless of the amount of post-fermentation liquid/mass used.

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