Maize Foliar Fertilizer

SOLER K, a gel-form micronutrient fertilizer developed specifically for maize cultivation, is an innovative and effective fertilizer containing a high content of systemic copper and sulphur. The micronutrients in the SOLER K maize fertilizer have a beneficial effect on cultivation, acting as strengthening, health-promoting, disinfecting, and stimulating agents. Sulphur and readily absorbable systemic copper support plant resistance to fungal infections, while advanced technologies such as SILEVEL™ and QM6™ enhance the effectiveness of the product.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L
20 L

Benefits of use:

Addresses micronutrient deficiencies in maize cultivation
Practically fully absorbed by plants due to its gel consistency
High levels of sulphur and systemic copper ensure proper nutrition, growth, and yield of maize
Beneficial for the health of cobs and overall crop condition
Simple to dose and prepare for application

Product description:


All micronutrients contained in the SOLER K maize foliar fertilizer are significant for cultivation. Zinc (Zn) plays a crucial role in enzymatic activity, protein synthesis processes, and strengthening resistance to drought and infections. Boron (B), on the other hand, is an essential element involved in regulating plant development and growth – its deficiency inhibits crop growth. Manganese (Mn) influences the development of maize root systems, while molybdenum (Mo) participates in nitrogen metabolism and is involved in phosphorus transformations. Sulphur (S) significantly contributes to metabolic processes such as photosynthesis and the synthesis of proteins and lipids. It is a key element in nitrogen transformations and determines its uptake from the soil.

Thanks to the SILEVEL™ technology, silicon-based hydrogels create "pockets" or interpacket spaces where nutrient components are retained. Upon contact with the plant, the release of nutrients occurs gradually and effectively, prolonging the period during which they are available to the plants. The hygroscopic properties of the SOLER K maize foliar fertilizer make it resistant to drying out and easily attract moisture, allowing it to remain on the plant even during rainfall, ensuring effective action of the maize fertilizer. Additionally, the product has been enriched with the stimulating mechanism QM6™, which activates the plant's natural defense mechanisms. This system ensures that the plant is better prepared to store water and nutrients from the SOLER K maize fertilizer. As a result of this comprehensive process, abundant yields of high quality can be achieved.

The SOLER K maize fertilizer, specifically designed for this cultivation, is safe to use due to the absence of chlorides in its composition. The components contained in the product exhibit disinfecting properties for the sprayers used and take on fungicidal functions for the plants. This helps limit the development of pathogenic pathogens. The gel consistency of SOLER K allows for long-term storage of the product while maintaining its full effectiveness and quality. The maize fertilizer is easy to mix and pour, making it convenient and practical to use.

Boron (B) – 0.50% (w/w), Copper (Cu) – 2.00% (w/w), Manganese (Mn) – 3.00% (w/w), Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.02% (w/w), Zinc (Zn) – 4.00% (w/w), Sulphur (SO3) – 12.90% (w/w).

Phase 2 - 6 leaves (BBCH 12-16)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Phase 7 leaves - beginning of stem growth (BBCH 17-31)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Stem elongation - beginning of ear development (BBCH 32-51)1,0 l /ha200-500 l

Additional information:

The SOLER K maize fertilizer has a long shelf life and retains its efficacy even after long months of storage.

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