Premature Fruit Drop

STOP DROP FRUIT prevents premature fruit drop and the shedding of fruit buds due to unfavorable factors causing plant stress. STOP DROP FRUIT is a natural and safe horticultural product that, after application, does not require any waiting period.
Available packaging:
250 ml
1 L

Benefits of use:

Reduces premature fruit drop and improves fruit flavor
Enhances fruit color and storage properties
Increases the resistance of fruit trees and shrubs to stress
Stimulates the production of bioactive substances in plants
Does not require a waiting period after application

Product description:


The innovative STOP DROP FRUIT product from AGRARIUS is a safe pre-harvest fertilizer containing essential micronutrients for the proper growth and development of fruits. STOP DROP FRUIT prevents premature fruit drop due to stress caused by adverse conditions such as hail, wind, rain, or frost. STOP DROP FRUIT is an effective horticultural agent with proven efficacy. The fertilizer effectively retains fruits until they are fully ripe, improves their taste, and slows down the aging process of the entire plant. The product enhances the plant's resistance to adverse conditions during fruiting, prevents physiological problems, and protects against premature aging of plant cells.

This natural fertilizer does not contain artificial hormones and does not require a waiting period, making it safe for humans, pollinating insects, and the natural environment. STOP DROP FRUIT stimulates plants to produce bioactive substances such as auxins, sugars, cytokinins, and gibberellins, and prepares plants to withstand strong stress. After applying STOP DROP FRUIT, plants are better supplied with micronutrients necessary for proper fruit formation and ripening.

The natural STOP DROP FRUIT fertilizer from AGRARIUS minimizes the risk of premature fruit drop, improves crop quality, creates favorable conditions for optimal fruit growth and coloring, and enhances fruit shelf life and resistance to storage diseases. The product's composition includes zinc, molybdenum, and cobalt – mineral components that ensure proper coloring and healthy growth. The fertilizer also contains humic acids – compounds that facilitate the uptake of micronutrients by plants, act as anti-stress agents, and strengthen plants. The QM6™ complex content makes plants more resistant, strengthens them, stimulates growth, and promotes nutrient uptake through leaves and roots.

STOP DROP FRUIT significantly increases yields and improves overall fruit quality. Applying the product 4 weeks before harvest allows plants to develop greater resistance to adverse atmospheric and soil conditions that may cause fruit buds to drop after flowering or fruit to drop before reaching the appropriate size and degree of ripeness. Already 7-14 days after applying the product, an intensive increase in fruit growth can be observed, resulting from their better supply of mineral components.

The foliar fertilizer is perfect for various types of fruit cultivation, including apple orchards, as well as stone fruit cultivation: cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, sweet cherries, pears and nuts cultivation, and all types of fruit bushes: blueberry and strawberries.

Cobalt, zinc, molybdenum, and concentrated humic acids derived from lignin processing.

1 l/500 - 1000 l water/haFoliar spray 3-4 weeks before the planned harvest date.

Additional information:

The product utilizes QM6™ technology, which involves the interaction of ions of selected metals in special formations and quantities, encouraging plants to increase nutrient uptake, grow faster, and produce better yields.

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