Fertilizer for sugar beets

SOLER B is an innovative foliar fertilizer in suspension form specially developed for sugar beet cultivation. Rich in micronutrients, systemic copper, sulphur, and silicon, it promotes the health of plants and provides adequate nourishment for sugar beets, stimulating their growth and increasing yield. Thanks to advanced technologies such as SILEVEL™ and QM6™, SOLER B enables effective absorption of nutrients and activates plant defense mechanisms at key stages of the growing cycle.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L
20 L

Benefits of use:

Effectively supplements micronutrient deficiencies in sugar beet cultivation
Gel-like consistency allows for quick and almost complete absorption
High content of sulphur and systemic copper ensures proper nourishment of the crop and positively affects its phytosanitary condition
Rapidly stimulates sugar beets for growth and fruiting
Easy to dose and prepare

Product description:


SOLER B has been specially formulated for sugar beet cultivation. Sugar beets require fertile soil rich in nutrients, including micronutrients such as copper and sulphur, for proper growth and yield. While soil fertilization with manure is one condition for successful cultivation, it often does not provide sufficient micronutrients needed throughout the growth cycle. In most cases, the soil must be additionally supplemented with a micronutrient fertilizer containing a sufficiently high amount of sulphur and copper.

The fertilizer for sugar beets is well-suited for such use, as its composition has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of this type of cultivation. The foliar fertilizer for sugar beets SOLER B efficiently nourishes plants and ensures a long-term availability of essential micronutrients. This hygroscopic preparation swells easily and is resistant to drying out, making it difficult to wash off the plants, thus maintaining its effectiveness even in periods of drought or rainfall.

The silicon-based SOLER B fertilizer was developed using the SILEVEL™ technology, which encapsulates the nutrient components in special packet spaces, allowing for their long-term and uniform release into the plant. The SOLER B fertilizer for sugar beets contains a high dose of systemic copper and readily absorbable sulphur. These components exhibit general health-promoting effects on plants: they strengthen them, stimulate growth, and disinfect the crop. Providing proper doses of sulphur and copper noticeably improves plant resistance to fungal diseases, even when their pressure is very high at a given time and place.

The foliar fertilizer SOLER B has been enriched with the stimulating mechanism QM6™, which encourages plants to produce defensive reflexes, including increased water and nutrient accumulation, allowing the plant to more effectively utilize the mineral nutrients contained in the fertilizer. One of the biggest advantages of the SOLER B fertilizer for sugar beets is its safety in use. This chloride-free fertilizer contains components with disinfecting effects on the sprayer and exhibits fungicidal properties, allowing for the reduction of the population of pathogenic diseases not only during fertilization but also throughout the plant's life cycle. The fertilizer is easy to dose and mix, and preparing the working solution is quick and convenient.

Boron (B) - 1.00%, Copper (Cu) - 2.00%, Manganese (Mn) - 4.00%, Molybdenum (Mo) - 0.02%, Zinc (Zn) - 3.00%, Sulphur (SO3) - 12.30%.

Phase 4 - 8 leaves (BBCH 14-18)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Beginning of interrow covering (BBCH 19-31)1,0 l /ha200-500 l
Leaves cover 20 - 50% of soil surface (BBCH 32-35)1,0 l /ha200-500 l

Additional information:

The SOLER B fertilizer for sugar beets has a long shelf life and even after several months of storage, it does not lose its efficacy. The availability of packages of various capacities enables the purchase of the required amount of fertilizer for a given season, optimising fertilization costs.

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