Microbiological preparations

Products Very effective microbiological products of high quality, contain carefully selected strains of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes. The aim of using microbiological products is to support crops by decomposing organic matter and improving soil structure.

bi azot


A microbiological fertiliser enriching the soil with easily absorbable nitrogen for plants derived from the atmosphere. The soil-based bi azot is the only high-quality product on the Polish market containing a billion Bacillus azotofixans bacteria per each gram of product (1x109 CFU/1g).

bi fosfor

A bacterial product supporting plant cultivation by enriching the soil with easily absorbable phosphorus, which is derived from the breakdown of its complex and insoluble forms. Based on carefully selected bacteria Bacillus megaterium.

bi protect

A high-quality soil microbiological fertiliser, accelerates the decomposition of organic matter. The product is based on soil bacteria Bacillus subtilis at a concentration of 5x10⁹ CFU per each gram of product. Billions of bacteria in the product improve the phytosanitary condition of the soil and make nutrients available to plants. 

bi complex max

A unique microbiological product improving the phytosanitary condition of crops. It contributes to making nutrients available to plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and other micronutrients. Based on carefully selected soil bacteria of the Bacillus sp. (subtilis, megaterium, and azotofixans).

bi system24

An innovative and unique product showing exceptionally broad action in supporting plant growth and development as well as improving soil quality. It combines the potential of specialised breeds of PGPB bacteria (Bacillus azotofixans, Bacillus megaterium) and unique types of soil yeast from the Yarrowia lipolytica genus. This product improves nutrient absorption by plants and enhances soil fertility.

bi bean

Selected pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium phaseoli embedded in sterilised, shredded peat intended for seed dressing of beans. The effect of the product is characterised by more efficient yields, better resistance to adverse environmental conditions, and an increase in bean yield.

bi clean

A microbiological product based on specially selected non-pathogenic microorganisms for the livestock. Is intended to be used for manure, slurry. Resistant to uric acid and chemical compounds present in manure and slurry. It reduces the intense odour of excrements in barns, pigsties, poultry houses, and stables.

bi clean HOME

Product with a specially selected blend of bacterial species for household use. When added to septic tank and household sewage, it effectively reduces the strong odour and accelerates the decomposition of septic tank sludge in domestic wastewater treatment plants.

bi compost

Bacteria to the composter. They are specially selected microorganisms isolated from soil, designed to accelerate the composting of organic matter in compost bins and heaps. They prevent waste decay and improve the quality of compost while eliminating its unpleasant odour.

bi ferment

A post-fermentation addition from biogas plants used in fertiliser tanks in agricultural crops. The product enriches the soil with unique species of microorganisms such as Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis.

bi lupin

Carefully selected pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium lupini designed for white, yellow, narrow-leafed lupin, and Saradel. Rhizobium strengthens plants, increases crop yields, and enhances the protein content in seeds.

bi root

A soil-based microbiological product that naturally limits the occurrence of pests feeding on the roots, root collars, and stems of cultivated plants. Specially selected microorganisms in bi root colonise the soil near the roots, enhancing their resistance to attacks by pests such as cutworms, root maggots, caterpillars, fruitworms, leaf miners, aphids, and other pests.

bi safe

Microbiological product which aims to improve the soil's microbiological life and increase the availability of macro and micronutrients. It contains concentrated forms of rhizospheric microorganisms, which enhance soil health and structure, and are responsible for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium transformations.

bi słoma

A microbiological product designed to accelerate the decomposition of straw and other crop residues. The action of BI SŁOMA, based on bacteria of the Bacillus sp. bacteria and non-pathogenic soil fungi, involves the effective breakdown of difficult-to-decompose plant substances such as cellulose and lignin.

bi soya

Dedicated to soybean cultivation, pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum embedded in sterilised, shredded peat. They participate in the formation of nodules on plant roots, promoting their development and increasing resistance to stressful conditions.

bi symbio

Based on pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum, which participate in the formation of nodules on plant roots. bi symbio is intended for peas, clover, broad bean, beans, chickpeas, vetch, and lentils. Symbiotic bacteria contained in the product live in symbiosis with the root system of leguminous plants, providing them with nitrogen and essential nutrients.

bi terra

A product based on carefully selected bacterial and non-pathogenic fungal microorganisms naturally occurring in the soil. The product helps to reduce the occurrence of soil pests in agricultural, vegetable, and fruit crops such as grubs, wireworms, cutworms, dropworms, borer larvae, and nematodes.

bi versum

A microbiological product for soil application, improving soil fertility, biological condition, and structure. It contains forms of non-pathogenic fungi isolated from fertile soil and is recommended especially for horticultural crops.

bi water

The product is used for biologically cleaning water reservoirs such as ponds, lakes, aquariums, and pools. It inhibits the proliferation of algae and prevents the formation of sediment at the bottom, thus not harming the aquatic organisms present in the reservoirs.

bi wood

Designed for use in orchards and forests to decompose organic matter (wood) containing high levels of lignin and cellulose, such as dead roots, tree trunks and branches, and leaves. The high activity of saprophytic bacteria and fungi leads to the decomposition of organic matter, transforming it into mineral components and humus.

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