nanogro forte superstart

For seed and planting material treatment

nanogro forte superstart is an innovative plant growth stimulator dedicated to treating seeds, seedlings, tubers, bulbs, and roots. This growth stimulator comprehensively influences plant metabolism, building their resistance to diseases and environmental stresses. The seed treatment ensures easier water and nutrient uptake from the soil for plants. The application of nanogro forte superstart contributes to increased yields and effectively supports plants from the early stage of development.
Available packaging:
250 ml
5 L

Benefits of use:

Ensures rapid and uniform germination
Promotes the growth of roots and above-ground parts of plants
Strengthens the natural resistance of plants to adverse conditions
Facilitates plants' survival through winter in good condition
Guarantees a bountiful yield of excellent quality

Product description:


nanogro forte superstart is a product designed for treating seeds and planting material to ensure optimal growth conditions from the very beginning, i.e., from germination. The earlier the plant gains necessary strength and beneficial characteristics in the form of seedlings, the better it will develop. This safe solution, when used for treatment, creates optimal growth conditions from the outset, i.e., from germination. nanogro forte superstart for seed treatment is an advanced and innovative formula comprising metal sulphates at nanomolar concentrations and the latest generation of humic acids derived from processed lignin.

Using nanogro forte superstart for seed treatment stimulates the plant's natural forces to maximise their genetic potential. As a result, seeds treated with the product exhibit significantly faster and more effective germination even in challenging soil and weather conditions such as drought and extreme temperatures. This plant stimulator penetrates the plant, activating its natural defence mechanism, thereby stimulating the production of reserve substances such as sugars, proteins, and natural hormones. Treating seeds with nanogro forte superstart allows plants to avoid problems both with autumn drought during germination and spring drought during vegetative growth.

Treating seedlings, bulbs, and tubers leads to stronger rooting and establishment in the field. An additional advantage of the humic acids present in nanogro forte superstart is increased adhesion to the plant, facilitating the penetration of active substances into the plant – especially when the seed treatment is used in combination with seed fertilisers or plant protection products. Humic acids act stimulatively and, like auxins, natural hormones, stimulate and accelerate plant growth at key stages of their development. They also aid in the accumulation of nutrients and their conversion into high-quality yields. nanogro forte superstart can successfully be used as a supplement to conventional chemical seed treatment processes.

Concentrated product containing metal sulphates at nanomolar concentrations, the latest generation of humic acids (derived from lignin processing, not from leonardites).

Winter and spring cereals250 ml/1 t of grainAdd to the seed treatment, mix, treat as usual
Winter and spring rapeseed250 ml/1 t of seedsAdd to the seed treatment, mix, treat as usual
Sugar beet250 ml/1 t of seedsAdd to the seed treatment, mix, treat as usual
Maize250 ml/1 t of seedsAdd to the seed treatment, mix, treat as usual
Grasses1 l/1 t of seedsAdd to the seed treatment, mix, treat as usual


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