Modern Humic Acids

GleboMax is a liquid product containing humic (humins and fulvic acids) acids and small amounts of minerals. When used regularly, it ensures soil structure improvement, adequate moisture levels, and nutrition. It also increases the amount of humus in the soil. Thanks to the innovative Micro Absorption Technology (MAT), the product acts almost immediately after application, penetrating deep into the soil and acting as a binding agent for mineral nutrients.
Available packaging:
250 ml
10 L
20 L
200 L
1000 L

Benefits of use:

Improves the soil's ability to retain nutrients and enhances its sorption properties
Humic acids aggregate soil elementary particles into larger aggregates
Provides plants with essential nutrients, preventing leaching of elements from the soil
Quickly penetrates the soil and efficiently provides proper moisture
Accelerates the building of humus in the soil and improves its biological condition

Product description:


GleboMax is based on organic compounds, such as humic acids resembling "hydrogels" in their properties. They allow rainwater to be stored in the soil structure and provide it at appropriate times, e.g., during dry periods. Humic and fulvic acids have the ability to store and release up to twelve times more nutrients to plants than the mineral part of the soil. Moreover, humic acids can retain a significantly larger amount of water than their own mass.

Humic acids have the ability to buffer soil pH. This means they can help maintain the optimal pH range for plants, which is essential for their healthy growth. Humic acids act in multiple directions, influencing crop growth, seed germination, and the development of young plants and roots. They not only increase nutrient uptake by plants but also enhance their resistance to adverse environmental factors. Humic acids, contained in the GleboMax support the development of beneficial soil microflora, contributing to the rapid growth of microorganisms responsible for soil fertility and health.

Humic acids should be sprayed onto the soil. The spraying should be done approximately 2-3 weeks before the planned sowing or planting. The best results are achieved by evenly spraying the soil and gently mixing it to a depth of up to 15 cm.

Organic substances, humic acids (huminic and fulvic), trace amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and sulphur.

10 l/200-300 l water/ha
(20 L for very light soils)

As a spray on the soil, about 2-3 weeks before the planned sowing or planting.
Apply to the soil surface and mix lightly (up to 15 cm deep).

Additional information:

GleboMax has been introduced to the market based on the registration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development No: G-1197/22.

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