The fertilisers offered by AGRARIUS are created using the latest technologies and specialized mechanisms. Each crop requires specific treatment regarding fertilisation and the need for micronutrients. Soil fertilisation enriches the biological life of the soil, while foliar feeding provides necessary micronutrients during the full vegetation period of plants.


The SOLER line is an innovative and highly effective range of gel-based micronutrient fertilisers. These products, dedicated to agricultural crops with high systemic copper and sulphur content, are supported by two modern technologies: SILEVEL™ and QM6™. All components of SOLER fertilisers are completely water-soluble.


A modern, specialised organic-mineral fertiliser based on natural ingredients derived from seaweed. POWERCOP influences the development of the root system of young plants, increases soil fertility, and enhances resistance to stress.

AlgoRytm PK

A liquid fertiliser with high potassium and phosphorus content, whose effective action is supported by an extract from seaweed. The product is intended for foliar feeding of plants.

bi calc+

Modern granulated lime fertiliser with the addition of beneficial microorganisms from the Bacillus sp. Bi Calc+ lime regulates soil pH through rapid and long-term action and stimulates biological life in the soil. The product is certified for organic farming.


A specially formulated calcium fertiliser in gel form that can be used throughout the vegetative period of plants. It provides easily absorbable calcium and stimulates the development of the root system of plants.

full terminator

Effective nitrogen fertiliser with micronutrients and humic acids for accelerating the decomposition of crop residues. It can be used in all types of agricultural, vegetable, and fruit crops.


Liquid humic acids significantly improving soil structure. This organic-mineral preparation provides the soil with appropriate moisture, richness, and builds humus.

N Turgor

A foliar nitrogen fertiliser developed specifically to protect plants from adverse conditions caused by water scarcity. It gives plants vigour and limits cell dehydration by ensuring proper turgor.


A silicon fertiliser in suspension form that supports plant resistance to adverse conditions. Silicon supports the building of natural protective barriers and causes retention of more water in plant cells.

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