bi versum

Improves Soil Biological Condition

bi versum is a microbiological product that improves the biological condition of soil, increases the availability of micro and macro elements, and promotes the development of beneficial microflora. The product significantly enhances soil structure, as well as plant growth and yield. It contains concentrated forms of non-pathogenic Trichoderma sp. fungi, specially isolated from fertile soil, which participate in the breakdown of organic matter, contributing to the improvement of soil structure and nutritional value. Bi versum is particularly recommended for plants such as vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants.
Available packaging:
100 g
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases microbial activity in the soil
Improves overall crop condition and reduces the incidence of diseases
Enhances the availability of macro and micro elements for plants
Improves soil structure
Accelerates the breakdown of organic matter

Product description:


The action of bi versum involves enriching the biological life in cultivated soil, especially in the rhizosphere. It is in the rhizosphere that significant biological and chemical processes take place, as well as interactions between plants and soil microorganisms. The rhizosphere is also the area where processes such as symbiosis between plants and microorganisms, such as bacteria or non-pathogenic fungi, occur, supporting plants in mineral nutrient uptake from the soil. The microorganisms contained in bi versum contribute to improving soil structure and fertility. They support plants in proper nutrition and contribute to increased yields along with better crop quality.

Thanks to bi versum, the health of the soil significantly improves, which naturally limits the presence of pathogens. The introduced microorganisms compete with pathogens for nutrients, and their presence does not allow them space to thrive.

Specially selected strains of non-pathogenic Trichoderma sp. fungi, isolated from naturally fertile soil. The bi versum product contains a huge number of microorganisms, not less than 7x108 spores per 1 gram of the product.

Agricultural crops2-5 kg/250-350 l water/ha1-2 times during the season
Fruit crops5-10 kg/350-1000 l water/ha (depending on the crop)1-2 times during the season
Vegetable crops2-5 kg/250-600 l water/ha2-5 times during the season

The product is particularly recommended for post-harvest use (on soil with plant residues after cultivation).

Additional information:

Bi versum from AGRARIUS is one of the few powdered products containing such a huge number of microorganisms in 1 gram of the product. It is particularly recommended for use on soil rich in plant residues after cultivation. 

To enhance the effectiveness of bi versum, it is important to adhere to the principles of proper soil fertilization. Avoid using it with fungicides. Ensure an adequate amount of water for the soil, as the microorganisms in the product require moisture for growth. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides, as they may adversely affect beneficial microorganisms. For soils with low organic matter content, it is recommended to use the product with humic acids to achieve better results during the plant growing season.

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