Preventing Bud Drop

STOP DROP FLOWER is a specialised micronutrient fertiliser for orchardists that prevents premature bud drop and extends the flowering period of fruit trees and shrubs. The product contains cobalt, molybdenum, and zinc additives – micronutrients essential for the proper growth and yield of plants.
Available packaging:
250 ml
1 L

Benefits of use:

Ensures gradual flowering, promoting periodic flower pollination
Reduces premature bud and flower drop
Stimulates the growth of fruit trees and shrubs
Activates processes responsible for the production of bioactive substances
Does not require a waiting period after application

Product description:


STOP DROP FLOWER is a completely safe micronutrient fertiliser that provides abundant and gradual flowering, prolongs the period of pollinator flight, and equips the plant with appropriate tools to withstand stress. Thanks to the innovative QM6™ technology, plants are stimulated to absorb more nutrients from the fertiliser, grow faster, and produce better yields. The use of the product not only extends the flowering period of fruit trees and shrubs but also reduces the dropping of flower buds. Gradual flowering brings many benefits. The situation where flowers open at the same time is particularly challenging for the plant. On the one hand, trees and shrubs cannot sustain and nourish all the flowers, and on the other hand, pollinating insects cannot complete their flight to pollinate all the flowers. By using the innovative product, the problem of simultaneous flowering will be eliminated.

The product contains three important micronutrients that are responsible for the proper growth of the plant – cobalt, molybdenum, and zinc. Cobalt is an element that plays a crucial role in plant growth. Its action is largely based on inhibiting ethylene biosynthesis, which directly affects delaying the ageing process of cells and more effective fruit setting. Cobalt also participates in metabolic processes, increasing the chlorophyll content in leaves and nitrogen compound transformations. The addition of this element improves the plant's resistance to drought and contributes to increased yield. On the other hand, molybdenum is responsible for the nitrogen economy and participates in many biochemical processes. Its key role, however, is to extend the lifespan of produced pollen.

In the case of insufficient molybdenum supply, there is a risk of inhibiting leaf blade development and plant growth processes. The element also participates in phosphorus metabolism – its deficiencies result in excessive accumulation of inorganic phosphorus in the plant. Similar to cobalt, it increases the plant's resistance to extreme temperatures, drought, and diseases. It also affects chlorophyll formation. Zinc plays an equally important role in plant growth processes. The element participates in enzymatic processes, accelerates metabolism, and has a direct relationship with nitrogen and phosphorus absorption. Zinc deficiencies lead to inhibited plant growth and reduce their resistance to external factors. The combination of liquid fertiliser components with the latest generation humic acids has resulted in a product characterised by rapid absorbability and high effectiveness.

The fertiliser is free from nitrogen and any impurities or residues that could accumulate in the plant and contribute to reduced crop quality or cause other problems, such as flower drop. All fertiliser components are completely soluble in water.

Cobalt, zinc, molybdenum, and concentrated humic acids derived from lignin processing.

1 l/500 - 1000 l water/ha

Foliar spray before spring frosts, before the start of flowering, at the beginning of flowering.

Additional information:

The product utilises innovative QM6™ technology, which involves the interaction of ions of selected metals in special formations and quantities, encouraging plants to increase nutrient uptake, grow faster, and produce better yields.

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