Get to know us

Ignite the future with AGRARIUS

AGRARIUS is a Polish company founded by the current CEO, Zenon Borys, in 2006, specializing in the development and production of products supporting agricultural, horticultural, fruit-growing, and forestry crops. Our motivation comes from the satisfaction of every farmer who, thanks to their hard work and our assistance, is able to see a real profit from their agricultural investment.

With our technology, we discover sustainable solutions for agriculture. By developing AGRARIUS, we provide farmers worldwide with tested and proven results, such as higher yields of up to 50%, depending on the type of crop. Our priority is solutions that practically and realistically increase farmers' profits while reducing their financial expenses associated with agricultural production and expensive chemical fertilizers.

Company mission - in harmony with nature!

Our mission is to implement the necessary innovations that today's farmers need - passion combined with scientific knowledge leads us to create sustainable and innovative solutions that address the global problems encountered by today's agriculture. Our goal is to commit to crops and farmers in line with our motto: in harmony with nature. We strive for every piece of land to be treated with respect and for every crop to be nurtured with future generations in mind.

Thanks to our environmentally friendly preparations, which are 100% safe for the environment, your crops grow healthier, stronger, and more productive than ever before. From field to table - one of the slogans that distinguishes AGRARIUS products speaks to our mission, in which we aim to enjoy delicious, healthy, and eco-friendly food, knowing it has been grown in an environmentally friendly manner.

Nanogro - today's agricultural technology!

AGRARIUS products, composed according to the highest agricultural standards, are a response to the needs of modern agriculture. Nanogro technology, contained in some of our preparations, is a unique plant communication system that affects every type of crop.

AGRARIUS is community!

Our technological capabilities combine the professional experience of agronomic specialists, doctors of agricultural, chemical, biochemical, biotechnological, and microbiological sciences, as well as qualified agrotechnical advisors. We use science and the latest technological solutions to change today's agriculture into something safer, healthier, and more profitable.

Developed distribution network!

We collaborate with over 250 distribution points that offer AGRARIUS products. Each of our distributors provides substantive knowledge about the brand's products we offer. We attach great importance to acquiring trade partners. We emphasize that our relationships with partners are not ordinary but create bonds that allow us to grow every day - together!

Top-level advisory support!

We employ specialized agrotechnical advisors who care for relationships with our clients and ensure that the products we create are closely tailored to the individual needs of the farm.

What sets us apart?

● Individual approach to the farmer and creating lasting relationships.
● Quick response to industry changes and immediate adaptation to the situation. 
● Nanogro technology, which is the unique formula of AGRARIUS. 
● Proven and documented effects in many crops, resulting in increased yields of up to 50%. 
● Pioneers in agricultural microbiology, as one of the first companies in Poland to introduce microbiological preparations containing aerobic beneficial soil microorganisms to the market. 
● Non-corporate approach, thanks to which we develop our skills and contribute to the common success with farmers.

We've been honoured

Our activities have been awarded multiple times in industry competitions, and the awards received are undeniable evidence that investing in the quality of products and supporting agriculture with innovative methods is the right direction! Every award is a pleasant accent for us, but the most important expression of appreciation is the satisfaction and positive feedback from our customers. We are pleased that our hard work positively affects farmers' crops worldwide, and our achievements have been recognized by investors and the entire industry.
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