bi compost

Bacteria for compost bin

Bi compost is a microbiological product containing carefully selected microorganisms of the Bacillus sp. genus, isolated from soil. It is designed to accelerate the composting process of organic matter in composters and windrows. The action of the bacteria involves the biological transformation of organic waste into substances rich in nutrients that promote plant growth and increase soil fertility in macro- and micronutrients. As a result of this process, humification occurs, which is the transformation of organic matter into more durable and stable substances such as humic acids, amino acids, polysaccharides, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
Available packaging:
100 g
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Improves compost quality
Reduces the unpleasant odour of compost
Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter
Prevents decay of waste
Positively impacts compost sanitation

Product description:


The use of bacteria in the composting process is significant due to their ability to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. These bacteria actively decompose complex organic compounds, shortening the time needed to obtain mature compost. Through stimulation and biological interaction in the composter, these bacteria lead to the faster formation of nutrients for plants.

The selected microorganisms contained in the bi compost accelerate the process of decomposing organic matter in the compost pile, resulting in the rapid transformation into compost with high nutritional value. As a result, the nutrients released during the breakdown of organic matter are available to plants, promoting their healthy growth and development. Using such compost also allows for a reduction in the need for mineral fertilisers in crops, which has a positive impact on reducing the amount of chemicals used and beneficially affects the environment.

Bi compost reduces the formation of unpleasant odours associated with the decomposition of organic matter. The bacteria contained in the product reduce the production of volatile organic compounds that could contribute to the formation of unpleasant odours. Additionally, the microorganisms present in bi compost stabilise nitrogen by converting it from active to bound forms, making it easily available to plants. Furthermore, they prevent the decay of organic matter.

A mixture of appropriately selected strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria in an amount of not less than 1x109 CFU in 1 gram of the product.

bi compost of the working solution: dissolve 20 g of the product in 10 litres of warm, non-chlorinated water. Leave at room temperature for 20 minutes and mix thoroughly

  • First application: during the arrangement of the composter or windrow, evenly distribute the working solution in layers (using a sprayer or a spreader with a sprayer) at a rate of 10 litres of solution per 1 m3 of compost.
  • Subsequent applications: evenly apply 10 litres of the solution per 1 m3 of compost during mixing of the organic mass (if possible).

Additional information:

By dissolving 20 g of the product in 10 litres of warm water without chlorine, leave it at room temperature for 20 minutes and mix thoroughly. It is essential to monitor the moisture content of the processed mass. The moisture content of the composted mass should be maintained at a level of at least 60%. If the moisture content is lower than 60%, the compost should be additionally moistened with water. The working solution should be used within 24 hours.

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