bi słoma

Harvest Residue

The microbiological product bi słoma is a specialised fertiliser based on carefully selected, safe cultures of bacteria and non-pathogenic soil fungi naturally occurring in the soil. The product has been developed to accelerate the decomposition process of organic harvest residues and straw. Thanks to its powdery form, the bi słoma ensures long-lasting effectiveness. The bacteria and fungi contained in the product are designed to activate biological processes in the soil, supporting the breakdown of organic plant materials. By accelerating the decomposition of harvest residues, the product helps release nutrients and improve the structure, fertility, and richness of the soil.
Available packaging:
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Supports the improvement of soil structure and its biological activity
Facilitates the decomposition and transformation of crop residues and straw into minerals
Provides essential nutrients to plants
Contributes to reducing the amount of chemical fertilisers used
Increases crop yield and soil fertility

Product description:


The action of the bi słoma consists of accelerating the decomposition of recalcitrant plant substances such as cellulose or lignin. The microorganisms contained in the product actively contribute to improving soil structure by creating favourable conditions for the beneficial development of useful microflora.

Leftover crop residues, such as straw and other plant remains, serve as natural organic material. As they decompose, the soil improves its structure by increasing the content of humus and organic substances. This, in turn, affects better water retention, soil aeration, and its ability to absorb nutrients. Additionally, non-pathogenic bacteria and fungi contained in bi słoma help in the proper nutrition of plants by providing them with essential nutrients - this results in better yields and higher crop quality.

The use of crop residues and straw represents a resource for sustainable agriculture, allowing for proper water retention and provision, soil quality improvement, and reducing the need for artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

  • Bacillus sp. bacteria in quantities of not less than 1x109 CFU per gram of product.
  • Non-pathogenic soil fungi in quantities of not less than 5x108 spores per gram of product.


Field crops1-2 kg/250-400 l water/haOn chopped crop residues and straw
Orchard crops2-5 kg/600-1000 l water/haOn soil with fallen leaves and fruits
Vegetable crops2-4 kg/600-1000 l water/haOn chopped residues and soil

Additional information:

bi słoma should be sprayed on the soil and organic residues and mixed with the soil to a depth of about 15 cm or pressed into the soil with rollers. Use in a temperature range of +5°C to +35°C and soil pH of 5.0-7.0, preferably with a moisture content of about 75%. It is recommended to mix with nitrogen fertilisers (full terminator).

AGRARIUS microbiological products in powder form are the only ones on the market containing such a huge amount of bacteria per gram of product.

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