Foliar Fertilizer for Cereal

SOLER C is a modern and efficient gel-form micronutrient fertilizer specifically designed as a dedicated feed for cereals. The foliar fertilizer for cereals SOLER C is characterised by a high content of systemic copper and sulphur. The micronutrient components present in the product have a beneficial effect on cereal crops, acting as a strengthening, health-promoting, disinfecting, and stimulating agent. Sulphur and readily absorbable systemic copper support the plants' resistance to fungal infections, while advanced technologies such as SILEVEL™ and QM6™ significantly enhance the effectiveness of the SOLER C cereal feed.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L
20 L

Benefits of use:

Feeds cereal crops with micronutrients
Almost completely absorbed by plants due to its gel form
The content of sulphur and systemic copper properly nourishes cereals and affects the phytosanitary condition of the crop
Actively stimulates cereals for growth and fruiting
Easy to prepare and dose for cultivation

Product description:


The micronutrients contained in the SOLER C cereal feed, such as copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), and zinc (Zn), are crucial for cereal crops, which are particularly sensitive to deficiencies in these nutrients. The efficiency of nitrogen utilization as the main yield-contributing factor will increase if the cereal's need for micronutrients is taken into account during foliar fertilization. Cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, and rye are susceptible to deficiencies in systemic copper, which plays a key role in optimal uptake of mineral nitrogen and stimulation of plant growth and tillering.

Thanks to the SILEVEL™ technology, silicon-based hydrogels in the SOLER C foliar fertilizer create specific "pockets" or spaces where nutrients are retained. When these hydrogels come into contact with the plant, the release of nutrients occurs gradually and effectively, prolonging the period during which plants can benefit from them. The hygroscopic properties of the foliar feed for cereals SOLER C make it resistant to drying out and quickly attract moisture, allowing it to remain on the plant even during rainy periods, ensuring effective action of the cereal feed.

Moreover, the product has been enriched with the stimulating mechanism QM6™, which activates the plant's natural defense mechanisms. This system causes the plant to be better prepared for storing water and nutrients contained in the SOLER C cereal feed. As a result of this comprehensive process, abundant yields of high quality can be achieved.

Boron (B) – 0.10% (w/w), Copper (Cu) – 2.50% (w/w), Manganese (Mn) – 4.00% (w/w), Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.02% (w/w), Zinc (Zn) – 3.50% (w/w), Sulphur (SO3) – 13.50% (w/w).

Leaf development - tillering(BBCH 13-19)1,0 l/ha200-500 l
Initiation of vegetative growth(BBCH 29-32)1,0 l/ha200-500 l
Stem elongation(BBCH 30-49)1,0 l/ha200-500 l
Leaf development - tillering(BBCH 13-32)1,0 l/ha200-500 l
Stem elongation(BBCH 30-49)1,0 l/ha200-500 l

Additional information:

The SOLER C cereal feed has a long shelf life and even after several months of storage, it does not lose its efficacy. The availability of packages of various capacities enables the purchase of the required amount of fertilizer for a given season, optimizing fertilization costs.

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