bi root

Reducing Pests in Crops

bi root is a product based on carefully selected microorganisms naturally occurring in the soil. It supports protection against pests and enhances plant health. This highly effective product containing bacteria from the Bacillus sp. genus facilitates reducing pests in various types of crops, reduces plant damage caused by pest attacks, and promotes plant health.
Available packaging:
100 g
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases the population of beneficial microorganisms around the roots of cultivated plants
Reduces the number of pests by creating an unfavorable environment for them
Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, which serves as the natural habitat for pests
Stimulates the growth and development of plants and aids in their regeneration after damage
Naturally reduces the occurrence of pathogens, positively impacting crop health and yield quantity and quality

Product description:


The specialist soil bacterial product bi root contains carefully selected Bacillus sp. bacteria, which contribute to creating favourable conditions for plant growth while creating an unfavourable environment for root-damaging pests (by producing various metabolites). bi root enables effective and natural pest control in various types of crops, including agricultural, horticultural, and vegetable crops.

This microbiological agent safely reduces damage to crops caused by soil pests and prevents the increase of their population. bi root changes the environment in which soil pests naturally inhabit and overwinter, accelerating the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter, which translates into both pest prevention in the soil and better plant growth. bi root contains microorganisms colonizing the soil near the roots, root necks, and stems, facilitating the uptake of nutrients by plants. After using the product, the root system can develop properly, positively affecting plant health and resilience, especially to stressful conditions such as water deficiency or temperature fluctuations at key growth stages.

Bacillus sp. strains secrete natural substances, including vitamins and organic acids essential for plant growth and yield. The components released by these bacteria discourage soil pests from attacking plants, thereby increasing the plants' ability to grow and develop properly. Bacillus sp. bacteria support the process of plant root formation and ensure the correct growth of root systems. Using the bi root allows for the natural reduction of soil pests that feed on roots, stems, and root necks. The product effectively reduces the populations of root weevil larvae, fruit flies, wireworms, caterpillars, leaf miners, stem borers, flea beetles, aphids, thrips, and other pests.

The powdered bi root product is the only product available on the Polish market containing such a large amount of bacteria in 1 gram. bi root allows for the safe reduction of pests without the need to observe a withholding period, which is particularly important in horticultural crops. Plants treated with bi root can be harvested even on the same or the following day, as the product does not contain any substances harmful to humans or the environment.

Specially selected and matched strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria in quantities of not less than 1x109 CFU in 1 gram of the product.

Field Crops1 kg/250-350 l water/ha2-3 times during the season
Vegetable and Fruit Crops2 kg/300-500 l water/ha2-5 times during the season
Watering vegetable seedlings and soaking seedlings25 g/10 l water

Additional information:

bi root is intended for dissolution in water. It is best used with humic acids, which enhance its effectiveness. The product should not be used with fungicides.

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