bi safe

Improvement of Soil Biological Condition

The microbiological fertilizer bi safe aims to improve the biological condition of the soil, reduce the occurrence of soil pathogens, and increase the availability of macro and micronutrients. bi safe supports the development of beneficial soil microflora, improves its structure, and stimulates the growth and yield of plants. The product contains concentrated forms of rhizospheric microorganisms, which participate in the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium transformations in the soil, enhancing its nutrient content through the rapid decomposition of organic matter. Thanks to its powdery form, the soil biological improvement product has high durability and effectiveness.
Available packaging:
100 g
1 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases the availability of macro and micronutrients for plants
Improves the biological condition and health of the soil
Naturally stimulates rooting and seed germination
Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the soil
Improves the structure and richness of soil microflora

Product description:


Improving the biological life of the soil and the development of beneficial microflora result from increased activity of soil microorganisms, including bacteria, non-pathogenic soil fungi, and actinomycetes. These microorganisms contribute to the decomposition of organic matter, mineralization of nutrients, improvement of soil aggregation, and antagonistic effects on soil pathogens. As a result of these processes, the soil becomes more fertile and optimally supplies nutrients to cultivated plants, resulting in healthier growth and increased yields. Such action is characteristic of the microbiological fertilizer bi safe for improving the biological condition of the soil.

bi safe mainly works by optimizing biological activity in the soil, with particular emphasis on the rhizosphere, the area directly surrounding the roots of plants. The microorganisms present in this product not only improve the structure and fertility of the soil but also actively contribute to the healthy development of plants by releasing nutrients and positively influencing soil quality. The product also supports plant nutrition processes by providing efficient access to nutrients, including macro and micronutrients. Additionally, the presence of appropriately selected strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria, non-pathogenic fungi, and actinomycetes contributes to the reduction of pathogen occurrence by producing metabolites that inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi, competing for food resources, and space for development. This promotes the establishment of a natural biological balance in the soil.

Appropriately selected and matched strains:

  • Bacillus sp. bacteria in quantities of not less than 3x109 CFU per gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic soil fungi in quantities of not less than 1x107 spores per gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic soil actinomycetes in quantities of not less than 2x106 spores per gram of product

Stosowanie na glebę przed siewem i sadzeniem roślin oraz na jesieni pozbiorczo, na glebę z resztkami pożniwnymi w formie oprysku w dawce: 1-2 kg/250-350 l wody/ha.
Opryski wykonywać rano lub wieczorem przy temperaturze powyżej 10°C.

Additional information:

bi safe should not be used with fungicides. It is the only powder-form product on the market containing such a huge amount of bacteria per gram of product.

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