bi seed

Seed Dressing

A specialised microbiological fertiliser used for dressing cereal seeds, as well as other agricultural and vegetable plants, and bulbs, tubers, and roots. The seed dressing product increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the immediate vicinity of the plant and naturally protects it spherically against fungal pathogen attacks. The microorganisms contained in Bi Seed create a protective barrier on the seed surface, preventing the proliferation of other potentially pathogenic microorganisms.
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Available packaging:
100 g
500 g
1 kg
5 kg

Benefits of use:

naturalna stymulacja ukorzeniania
Protects and stimulates plants from the very beginning of their development and accelerates germination
Increases seedling resistance to pathogens and adverse environmental conditions
stymulacja wzrostu i rozwoju
Improves the supply of essential nutrients for plant growth and development
Ensures rapid and uniform emergence and supports root and shoot growth
zmniejszenie stosowania chemii
Reduces the need for chemical plant protection products and increases yield and nutritional value of plants

Product description:


The multifunctional microbiological fertiliser for seed dressing, sowing material, and planting material, Bi Seed, contains specially selected strains of spore-forming soil and rhizosphere bacteria known as PGPR (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria).

The bacteria contained in Bi Seed support the germination and growth of young plants by producing and providing them with their metabolites, such as phytohormones, vitamins, and other substances. Additionally, they positively affect the plants' resistance to adverse growing conditions and enhance their yield.

Furthermore, they help improve the nitrogen cycle in the soil and systematically supply plants with absorbable forms of nitrogen, preventing the accumulation of nitrates and nitrites in them. The Bi Seed microbiological fertiliser ensures a continuous supply of nitrogen, regardless of mineral fertilisation. Moreover, these microorganisms solubilise, or increase the availability of phosphorus, zinc, and silicon for plants, and produce siderophores, contributing to the availability of iron in the plant's immediate environment. The Bi Seed microbiological seed dressing provides young plants with a safe initial dose of easily absorbable nitrogen and positively impacts plant health.

The microorganisms in the preparation are selected not only to stimulate plants but also to participate in the active formation of soil structure, improving its phytosanitary condition and making nutrients more readily available to plants. This occurs naturally by exerting pressure and competition for food and space in the substrate. The beneficial bacteria in Bi Seed reduce the number of pathogenic fungi and bacteria in the soil, contributing to improved phytosanitary conditions in crops and reducing their susceptibility to diseases such as damping-off. These bacteria multiply rapidly, so by competing for food and space against other pathogenic microorganisms, they naturally eliminate them from the soil environment, not disrupting but rather supporting the development of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Additionally, the bacteria contained in Bi Seed produce natural peptide antibiotics, as well as amino acids, the polysaccharide inulin, and enzymes such as amylase and protease. The proteins of these bacteria contain surface-active substances that reduce surface tension, leading to increased wetting of the surface where the bacteria are present. As a result, this improves moisture around the root system and covers it with an additional protective film, which is especially significant during periods of drought.

Strains of highly active, effective, and carefully selected PGPR bacteria, with a total count of no less than 1x109 CFU per 1g of product.

Cereals, corn, grasses, vegetables100 g/100 kg seedsdissolve in an optimal amount of water, depending on the method of seed dressing
Potato tubers (seed potatoes)200 g/1 tonne of seed potatoesdissolve in an optimal amount of water, depending on the method of seed dressing
Bulbs, roots, garlic cloves10g/10-20l water

soak the planting material in the solution for 1-3 minutes

Additional information:

bi seed can be used in combination with humic acids and other bacterial preparations and potting fertilizers. Do not use with fungicides.

The product is approved for use in organic farming under the decision of IUNG in Puławy No: NE/803/2024.

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