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bi terra

Product description:

bi terra is a soil microbiological preparation based on carefully selected, naturally occurring microorganisms in soil. It contributes to the creation of unfavorable conditions for soil pests in agricultural, vegetable and fruit crops. The preparation helps to naturally reduce damage to the roots of cultivated plants by soil pests by changing their habitat and wintering environment as a result of decomposition and mineralization of organic matter, which promotes their development.


Carefully selected strains:

  • Bacillus sp. bacteria in an amount not less than 1x109 CFU per 1 gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic saprophytic fungi in amount not less than 5x107 spor per 1 gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic soil-borne actinomycetes in an amount of not less than 5x106 - 1x107 spor per 1 gram of product

Bacteria contained in the product:

Reduces the incidence of pests naturally

Provides natural protection for plants against pathogens

Increases plant resistance to stress

Regular use helps to reduce the number of soil-borne pests

Increases yield and crop quality


bi terra contains carefully selected microorganisms that colonize the soil near the roots of cultivated plants, which affects their proper development and better resistance to stress conditions. It also has a beneficial effect on the yield and quality of the crop. As a result of the activity of microorganisms and their production of various substances (such as vitamins, organic acids, enzymes and others), the environment around the roots becomes unattractive for pests, which results in a significant reduction of their occurrence.

bi terra naturally reduces the occurrence of pests feeding on the roots of cultivated plants, such as larvae of turtles, wireworms, swellings, larvae of owl butterflies, potato beetles, spider mites and others overwintering in the soil of agricultural, fruit and vegetable crops.

Agricultural crops 1 kg / 250-350 l water /ha 2 – 3 treatments in the season. The first treatment should be carried out in spring.
Orchard plants 2 kg / 300-500 l water /ha 2 – 5 treatments in the season. The first treatment should be carried out in spring.
Vegetables 2 kg / 300-500 l water /ha 2 – 5 treatments in the season. The first treatment should be carried out in spring.

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Preparation of the working solution:

Prepare solution 1 - 2 hours before treatment, mix before spraying.

Apply in the morning, evening or in cloudy and windless weather, at temperatures between +12°C and +30°C.

Do not use with fungicides.

Additional information

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

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