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bi calc+

Product description:

bi calc+ granular lime has a fast and long-term effect, improves soil pH, does not get washed out quickly and regulates soil buffering properties. bi calc+ lime is a modern, comprehensive product for use in all types of crops.


Calcium carbonate, Bacillus bacteria (subtilis, megaterium and azotofixans), activators of biological functions.

Produkt do upraw ekologicznych


Fast-acting, long-lasting and doesn’t get washed out quickly

Improves the soil pH, activates the volatilized and deposited nutrients in the soil

Optimizes and enriches the biological life of the soil and improves its phytosanitary status

Inhibits rotting processes and improves decomposition of organic residues

Increases yields and prevents the effects of drought


By regulating the pH level of the soil, the granulated lime bi calc+ optimally releases the mineral nutrients (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese and iron) that are present in the soil. It also provides the necessary substances to stimulate the soil microbiological environment (substances facilitating the multiplication of microorganisms). It uses 100% reactive form of carbonate calcium of Jurassic origin with high CaCO₃ content (93-98% which is min. 45% CaO), cultivar 05 and beneficial microorganisms of Bacillus sp. (concentration of 200x106 CFU in each gram of fertilizer) ensuring product uniqueness and innovation.


0,5 - 1 t / ha Depending on the pH and soil type

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The granulated lime can be applied from spring to late autumn. However, post-harvest and after-harvest applications are recommended, as well as intervention applications throughout the season. Do not use the fertilizer on frozen, flooded or snow-covered soil.

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Additional information

Granulated lime is produced on behalf of Agrarius by POLCALC.

bi calc+ preparation is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene and is approved by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation for use in organic farming No: NE/503/2019.

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