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N Turgor

A foliar nitrogen fertiliser developed specifically to protect plants from adverse conditions caused by water scarcity. It gives plants vigour and limits cell dehydration by ensuring proper turgor.
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SOLER Forest

An innovative micronutrient fertiliser in gel form designed for nourishing coniferous plants in forest and decorative nurseries. The fertiliser contains large amounts of systemic sulphur and copper, which are essential for maintaining resistance to diseases, pests, and stressful conditions.
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bi protect FOREST

A microbiological product containing Bacillus subtilis bacteria that effectively decomposes organic matter and co-creates soil structure in forest plantations. Additionally, it beneficially affects the absorption of nutrients from the soil for plants and promotes mycorrhizal development.
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bi fosfor FOREST

A bacterial product that supports proper nourishment of coniferous plants with phosphorus. Based on individual, carefully selected phosphorus bacteria Bacillus megaterium, it improves phytosanitary condition and decomposition of organic matter in the soil in coniferous plantations and forest plantations.
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An innovative microelement fertilizer for sugar beet, containing essential micronutrients such as boron, systemic copper, and molybdenum, as well as manganese and zinc.
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