bi symbio

Symbiotic Bacteria for Pea, Bean, Lentil, Clover, and Chickpea Inoculation

Carefully selected, pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum are embedded in sterilized, shredded peat. The bacteria in the bi symbio are a group of microorganisms from the Rhizobium genus, which are nitrogen-fixing symbiotic bacteria. They are capable of forming symbiotic relationships with the roots of leguminous plants such as peas, clover, alfalfa, beans, chickpeas, and lentils.
Available packaging:
1 kg

Benefits of use:

Increases nitrogen availability for plants in the soil
Improves the phytosanitary condition of the soil and strengthens plants
Increases yields by up to 20% depending on the type of crop
Increases the protein content in plant seeds
Positively affects soil structure and fertility

Product description:


Specially selected pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum in bi symbio are crucial for the development of pea, clover, alfalfa, bean, chickpea, and lentil plants. The bacteria participate in the formation of nodules on the roots, enabling rapid plant development by processing atmospheric nitrogen and making it available in a form assimilable by plants. This leads to increased yields and higher protein content in seeds, which is essential for the quality of the crops produced. Additionally, Rhizobium leguminosarum bacteria strengthen plant resistance to environmental stress conditions, which is crucial in unstable climatic conditions. They also improve the phytosanitary conditions in the soil by regulating soil microflora and reducing pathogens. Their action also contributes to improving soil structure and its nutrient content, resulting in a healthier and more fertile environment for plants. They actively participate in the nitrogen cycle in nature, which is important for both the health of the soil ecosystem and the efficiency of agricultural production.

The symbiotic bacteria contained in the bi symbio product cooperate with the root system of leguminous plants, providing plants with assimilable nitrogen and other essential nutrients. As a result, plants show higher yield productivity and better resistance. Strengthening their resistance makes them less susceptible to disease and pest attacks, resulting in more stable and efficient growth.

Pure cultures of symbiotic bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum in quantities of not less than 3x109 CFU per gram of product.

Peas, clover, alfalfa, vetch, beans, chickpeas: 2 kg bi symbio / 1 t seeds.
Lentils: 2.5-3 kg bi symbio / 1 t seeds.

Additional information:

It is recommended to combine the bi symbio with the bi protect microbiological product (for use through seed inoculation or field spraying before sowing) and humic acids present in the Lignohumat Super preparation (for soil spraying before sowing).

The bi symbio has a PZH Attestation, confirming compliance with current safety standards.

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