Tomato Fertiliser

SOLER Red is a gel-based micronutrient fertiliser specially formulated for foliar feeding of tomatoes, peppers, and cucurbitaceous vegetables. This innovative product contains a high content of sulphur and systemic copper, which positively influence the cultivation of these vegetables, acting to strengthen, promote health, cleanse, and stimulate. Sulphur and easily absorbable systemic copper enhance plant resistance to fungal and bacterial infections, while advanced technologies such as SILEVEL™ and QM6™ increase its effectiveness.
Available packaging:
250 ml
1 L
5 L

Benefits of use:

Addresses micronutrient deficiencies in pepper, tomato, and cucurbitaceous vegetable crops
Almost completely absorbed by plants due to its gel formula
High content of systemic SULPHUR and copper ensures proper plant nutrition and improves crop phytosanitary conditions
Stimulates the growth and abundant yield of peppers, tomatoes, and cucurbitaceous vegetables
Fertilizer is easy to prepare and dose

Product description:


Fertilising plants foliarly with a multi-component fertiliser like SOLER Red for tomatoes enhances the availability of mineral nutrients, positively affecting crop condition and promoting abundant yields. The product has a safe composition and can be used even in integrated cultivation. SOLER Red fertiliser for tomatoes has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of tomatoes, peppers, and cucurbitaceous plants by quickly providing them with essential mineral nutrients.

Tomatoes, peppers, and cucurbitaceous vegetables require high temperatures for proper growth during germination, growth, and fruiting. Cultivation requires fertile soil with high organic matter content and adequate moisture levels. Many sites do not even meet the minimum cultivation requirements for cucurbitaceous plants and require additional fertilisation, not only with natural fertilisers such as manure but also with special micronutrient foliar fertilisers. Tomatoes and peppers have particular nutritional requirements, and producing 1 kg of these fruits requires large amounts of minerals and vitamins.

Tomatoes and peppers have the highest demand for nutrients during vegetative growth and fruit set. In the production process of SOLER Red tomato fertiliser, the SILEVEL™ technology has been used, whereby the product takes the form of a silicon-based hydrogel, and the fertiliser components are enclosed in a kind of pockets - interpacket spaces, from which they can slowly and systematically release. Thanks to the special packaging, the mineral components contained in the tomato fertiliser are quickly and efficiently released upon contact with the plants.

SOLER Red fertiliser for peppers, tomatoes, and cucurbitaceous vegetables is characterised by high hygroscopicity, swells easily, and is resistant to being washed away by rain. The product, thanks to its high content of systemic sulphur and copper, promotes plant health - stimulating growth, strengthening, and disinfecting cultivation. The mineral components contained in this multi-component nutrient solution support plant resistance to fungal diseases and adverse growing conditions. SOLER Red fertiliser has been enriched with the stimulating mechanism QM6™, which stimulates plants to produce defensive responses, primarily by improving their ability to retain water and nutrients from the fertiliser. As a result of using tomato, cucurbitaceous vegetable, and pepper fertiliser, yield is increased and its quality is improved.

Boron (B) - 1.00% w/w, Copper (Cu) – 2.00% w/w, Manganese (Mn) – 4.00% w/w, Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.02% w/w, Zinc (Zn) – 3.00% w/w, Sulphur (SO3) – 12.30% w/w.

1 L/300-600 L water/ha; 2-4 applications per season.

Additional information:

SOLER Red fertiliser is recommended to be applied at a rate of 1 L/ha 2-4 times during the growing season, depending on the cultivation requirements and initial soil fertility.

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