Plant Rooting Stimulant

POWERCOP is a modern and innovative organic-mineral fertiliser serving as a rooting stimulant for plants. Enriched with natural ingredients from seaweed, it significantly enhances the development of the root system of young plants and improves soil structure. Its components have the potential to stimulate plant growth both quantitatively and qualitatively, resulting in higher productivity and plant health. It also increases plant resistance to environmental stressors and improves soil fertility. This organic-mineral rooting stimulant is supported by the innovative CIT (Cellular Intelligent Technology), which involves a special process of fractionation of seaweed extract and humic acids for better penetration and more effective action.
Available packaging:
Liquid form:
1 L
5 L
Granular form:
500 g
1 kg

Benefits of use:

Ensures high effectiveness through natural substances
Immediately strengthens and regenerates plants and the root system, acting comprehensively
Stimulates the development and growth of the root system, especially root hairs in young plants
Provides plant nutrition by activating nutrient uptake from the soil
Effectively increases plant resistance to stresses and improves water use efficiency

Product description:


POWERCOP is an organic-mineral fertiliser containing highly active biological ingredients derived from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and the latest generation of concentrated humic acids. The product contains plant amino acids that act regeneratively and support the root system of plants. The high adhesion of the product to the plant and its easy absorption is provided by alginic acid, which facilitates the transport of nutrients from the soil. Additionally, laminarin, a polysaccharide, supports the natural defence mechanisms of plants and promotes the production of immune proteins, thereby strengthening the cell walls of plants.

The fertiliser is based on natural substances such as betaine and glycine, derived from seaweed – both amino acids act strongly against stress and support processes related to water and energy metabolism in plants. POWERCOP stimulates chlorophyll production, enhancing photosynthesis efficiency, and improves soil conditions by supporting its biological life. The versatility of the plant rooting stimulant is complemented by humic acids, which significantly influence root system development and enhance plant resistance to adverse weather conditions such as drought, low temperatures, as well as disease infections and pests.

Thanks to the innovative approach based on Cellular Intelligent Technology (CIT), POWERCOP utilises a specially developed process of fractionating seaweed extract, which is combined with pure and active humic acids. This allows the product to quickly penetrate plant structures, effectively supporting their growth and development. This advanced technology enables easy and efficient nutrient penetration into plant cells, accelerating the regeneration process after stresses and damages. This results in intense root system growth, better rooting, water and nutrient transport, and increased stress resistance by activating the plant's natural defence mechanisms (such as the SAR immunity induction process). Ingredients such as laminarin, betaine, iodine, mannitol, amino acids, and humins contained in POWERCOP act synergistically, supporting the plant even in the most challenging conditions.

Dry matter 10% (including 50% seaweed extract), K₂O min. 1% (m/m), MgO min. 0.02% (m/m), S min. 0.25% (m/m), humic acids (C) min. 10 g/l, fulvic acid content (C) min. 8 g/l, organic substances min. 40% (s.m.).

Foliar fertilisation 2 L/200-300 L water/ha up to2- 5 times during the growing season. The first spray in the early growth stages (phase 2-4 leaves).


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