N Turgor

Long-Term Nitrogen Fertiliser

N Turgor is a specialised fertiliser breakthrough designed to protect plants from adverse conditions resulting from water scarcity. This nitrogen fertiliser limits cell dehydration in plants during droughts, strengthens them, accelerates growth, and adds vigour to crops.
Available packaging:
1 L
5 L
20 L

Benefits of use:

Strengthens plants and provides them with proper turgor
Protects crops exposed to adverse environmental conditions
Reduces cell dehydration and increases plant resistance to drought
Utilises innovative stabilisation technology, providing effectiveness for up to 100 days after application
Positively influences the uptake and distribution of mineral nutrients

Product description:


The innovative nitrogen fertiliser N Turgor is a foliar spray that improves the osmotic potential of cells, thereby reducing their dehydration. The formula has been developed to provide plants with proper turgor even during water shortages. This foliar nitrogen fertiliser positively affects the stability of plant enzymes and proteins, protects and reorganises dehydrated cell membranes, thereby improving crop quality. The product contains stabilised long-acting nitrogen (N). The nitrogen in N Turgor stimulates plant growth and nutrient uptake from the soil, thereby promoting plant growth even in challenging climatic conditions, including periods of water scarcity.

The nitrogen solution N Turgor accelerates plant regeneration and ensures their proper yield. The fertiliser also contains microelements and humic acids that support nitrogen metabolism. The individual components of the preparation complement and reinforce each other's action, providing effective support to plants exposed to stress caused by drought or sudden weather changes. The innovative and stabilised form of nitrogen guarantees its availability for up to 100 days, ensuring that crop needs are met at crucial times, allowing plants to develop without obstacles. The N Turgor foliar spray can be applied several times during the season.

This specialised nitrogen fertiliser has been developed to minimise nitrogen losses while ensuring its long availability and meeting the overall needs of plants. Nitrogen, the main component of the N Turgor fertiliser, is crucial in the early stages of crop development, where intensive green mass building takes place. Plants absorb nitrogen mainly in the form of nitrates and ammonium ions. These compounds are essential for all metabolic processes, including chlorophyll, vitamin, DNA, protein, hormone, and enzyme synthesis. Nitrogen deficiency inhibits plant growth and causes leaf yellowing and excessive root development. The nitrogen fertiliser N Turgor excels in crops requiring intensive nitrogen fertilisation.

Nitrogen with stabiliser - 15% (w/w) Sodium - 2.2% (w/w) Manganese - 0.1% (w/w) Copper - 0.01% (w/w) Zinc - 0.01% (w/w) Boron - 0.01% (w/w) Molybdenum - 0.01% (w/w) Cobalt - 0.001% (w/w). Humic substances derived from lignin processing - 30% (w/w).

Field Crops, Orchard Crops, Vegetables2-3 l/200-400 l water/ha2-4 times during the season

Additional information:

The N Turgor nitrogen fertiliser also contains a significant dose of sodium, which regulates the osmotic pressure of plant cells. Soil loses sodium mainly through leaching, and the annual loss of this mineral from arable soils in the temperate zone can range from 8.5 kg/ha to as much as 35.0 kg/ha. Among the crops particularly susceptible to sodium deficiency are rapeseed, sugar beets, and fodder beets, making N Turgor highly recommended for these crops.


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