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Product description:

An innovative, effective and safe product to prevent flower drop and prolong flowering of fruit trees and shrubs.


Cobalt, zinc, molybdenum and humic acids.


Reduces premature flower drop

Provides abundant and slow flowering and extends the flight period

Activates the production of active substances (e.g. hormones and enzymes) in the plant

Safe to use

No withdrawal period required


STOP DROP FLOWER is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer that ensures abundant, slow flowering and prolongs the flight period, triggers production of bioactive substances in the plant: sugars, auxins, cytokines or gibberellins, prepares and equips the plant with proper instruments and tools to resist stress. Slow flowering means that flowers are pollinated systematically, then the plant's effort is spread over time and the buds are much stronger. The worst thing for the plant is when the flowers open simultaneously, sometimes in a few hours, then the plant is not able to "feed and maintain" them, and above all the pollinating insects are not able to make the flight by pollinating flowers.

All nutrients in STOP DROP FLOWER fertilizer are completely soluble in water. The use of the product does not require any withdrawal period!


1 l / 500 - 1000 l water / ha Foliar spray directly before flowering (2 - 3 days), or before frost

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Effects of application

Mr Krzysztof Cybulak, the owner of an orchard farm in Kopanina Kaliszańska in the Lublin region, tested the effectiveness of STOP DROP FLOWER in preventing bud dropping after spring frosts in the cultivation of Early Geneva apple trees.

Mr Wojciech Pacek and his experience of using STOP DROP FLOWER in an eight-year-old cherry orchard of the Sabina variety in Piotrowice near Nałęczów:

Additional information

The preparation uses an innovative technology QM6TM consisting in the interaction of selected metal ions in a special formation and in quantities that induce plants to increase the uptake of fertilizer components, faster growth and better yield.

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