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Product description:

An innovative, effective and safe product to prevent pre-harvest fruit drop.

Application of the preparation does not require observance of any withdrawal period.


Cobalt, zinc, molybdenum and humic acids.


Reduces premature fruit drop and improves flavor

Improves fruit color and storage characteristics

Prepares the plant to resist stress

Triggers the production of bioactive substances in the plant

No withdrawal period required


STOP DROP FRUIT is an innovative, liquid micronutrient fertilizer which mobilizes to increased yielding and uniform fruit calibration. It triggers the production of bioactive substances: sugars, auxins, cytokines or gibberellins in the plant, prepares it and equips it with the right instruments to resist stress. It allows the plant to be better supplied with micro- and macroelements and nutrients, which results in proper and optimal weight gain and better color of the fruit. The preparation also has a positive influence on the shelf life of the fruit. The fruit is better prepared for storage.


1 l / 500 - 1000 l water / ha Foliar spray 3 - 4 weeks before the planned date of harvest*

*To ensure the final increase in fruit weight and to prevent premature fruit drop.

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Effects of the application

Mr. Krzysztof Cybulak, the owner of an orchard in Kopanina Kaliszańska in the Lublin region, tested the effectiveness of STOP DROP FLOWER in preventing fruit drop after spring frosts in cultivation of Early Geneva apple trees and STOP DROP FRUIT preventing pre-harvest fruit drop.

Mr. Arkadiusz Kartus, who runs an orchard farm in the municipality of Biała Rawska in the province of Łódź, describes the use of STOP DROP FRUIT that allows the plant to be better supplied with micro and macroelements and nutrients, which makes the fruit characterized by adequate and optimal weight gain and better color.

Mr. Marian Szeliga, the owner of a modern fruit farm in Żurawica in Podkarpacie region, has already tested the effectiveness of STOP DROP FRUIT pre-harvest.

How to prevent premature fruit drop?

Dr inż. Anna Ambroszczyk about STOP DROP FRUIT.

Additional information

The preparation uses an innovative technology QM6TM consisting in the interaction of selected metal ions in a special formation and in quantities that induce plants to increase the uptake of fertilizer components, faster growth and better yield.

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