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nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK

Product description:

nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK is an innovative and modern plant growth and yield stimulator, intended for potato tuber (seed) dressing, which comprehensively affects their metabolism, inducing resistance to diseases and stress, as well as improves their water and nutrient supply. It contributes to an increase in the quantity and quality of tubers and affects their alignment.


Concentrated preparation containing metal sulfates in nanomolar concentration, the latest generation of humic acids (derived from lignin processing, not from leonardites), carefully prepared to be easily absorbed into the interior of seed potatoes and to cover well the tuber surface.

Advantages of the product

Guarantees fast and even germination

Increases the weight of stolons and tubers

Induces plant resistance to stress conditions

Enhances the natural defences of the plant

Guarantees an increase in yield of high quality


nanogro forte superstart ZIEMNIAK is intended for dressing potato planting material. The earlier the plant gains strength and sprouts, the better it will grow, producing stolons, roots and tuber buds. It is a completely safe product - when used to treat seed potatoes, provides the plant with better growth conditions from the start, i.e. at the germination stage.

The modern and unique formula of the preparation (metal sulfates in nanomol concentration and the latest generation of humic acids derived from processed lignin), applied on a tuber (seed potato), releases the natural strength of the plant, which uses its genetic potential to the maximum. Tubers treated with the preparation germinate faster and more effectively, even in unfavorable soil and weather conditions (drought, too low or too high temperatures). The preparation penetrating the plant activates its natural defense system by producing more spare substances (sugars), proteins and natural hormones.

The humic acids contained in the preparation increase its adherence to planting material, which facilitates penetration of active substances to the plant, especially when nanogro forte superstart POTATO is used with fertilizers or plant protection products. Additionally, humic acids have a stimulating effect as natural auxins, helping plants to grow rapidly, especially in the most important stages of their development, and helping to accumulate nutrients and convert them into high quality crops. The product can be used as an additive to standard chemical treatment.


POTATOES 1 L / 1t seed potatoes Add to dressing, mix

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