nanogro is a very innovative and modern stimulator of growth and yield, as well as an inductor of resistance intended for use in plant cultivation. it contains metal sulphates and humic acids; it has an anti-stress effect, releases natural vital forces of plants and strengthens its resistance to stress: thermal, humidity, mechanical damage, excessive sunlight, pests and pathogens attack; it has a beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of yielding, growth of shoots, leaves and flower buds; it is intended to be used in all types of crops, including winter crops, for which it ensures better wintering and faster development in spring.


nanogro is a unique line of intelligent preparations comprehensively stimulating metabolism and growth of cultivated plants. It is a very innovative and modern stimulator of growth and yield, as well as an inductor of resistance intended for use in plant cultivation. It is distinguished from other stimulants by its unique composition and action. It contains metal sulphates in nanomolic concentrations (10-9mol), which act as a specific vaccine, thanks to which the power of nanoGro is many times greater than other stimulators and plant cultivation aids offered on the market. In a natural way, it activates at the cellular level the internal yield-forming potential and plant defence mechanism, stimulating them to produce natural growth hormones, i.e. auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and enzymes activating physiological processes, which results in a higher and better quality of yield. The first reaction of the plant to the action of nanoGro preparations is root growth to length and the production of root hairs, responsible for the intake of water and nutrients. The next reaction of the plant is the growth of shoots, leaves and flower buds. Plants treated with nanoGro have good growth, bushes and abundant flowering and fruit binding. nanoGro is intended to be used in all types of crops. In winter, used in autumn for young plants, provides them with a better wintering and faster development in spring.

nanogro occurs in its basic form - granules, which after dissolution in water can be used both for seed dressing and soaking seedlings, as well as in the form of spraying directly on plants.

nanogro aqua

nanogro aqua is a form of liquid concentrate intended for spraying, with the addition of the latest generation of humus substances derived from processed lignin. They cause faster action of the preparation itself. After application to crops, nanoGro aqua is immediately transported inside the cells, further strengthening the plants through their fast nourishment. Humic acids create an additional protective barrier on the surface of plants, protecting them from excessive sunlight, excessive transpiration and attacks of diseases. and pests. They increase the adhesion of the preparation, thus facilitating the penetration of active substances into the plant, especially when nanoGro aqua is used with foliar fertilizers or plant protection products. Humic acids act as a stimulant, like natural auxins, helping plants to grow rapidly, especially in the most important phases of their development, and help to accumulate nutrients and convert them into high-quality yields.

nanogro forte superstart

nanogro forte superstart is designed for seed dressing. The earlier the plant gains strength and desired characteristics in the initial phase of development (seeds), the better it will grow. It is a completely safe product, which used for seed dressing (seeds) provides the plant with better growth conditions from the start, i.e. in the following phases

The modern and unique formula of the preparation used for seeds (grain), releases the natural strength of the plant, which makes maximum use of the genetic potential stored in it. Seeds treated with the preparation germinate faster and more effectively, even in unfavourable soil and weather conditions (drought, too low or too high temperatures). By penetrating the plant, the preparation activates its natural defence system by producing more spare substances (sugars), proteins and natural hormones. Mortar of nanogro forte superstart causes that plants do not feel either autumnal drought during emergence or spring drought during vegetation. The root system in relation to control plants is more developed and reaches deeper and the aboveground part of the plants looks much better - it is full of vigour. Seeds after sowing can be subject to unfavourable growth conditions, so they can go into the so-called relative resting phase, which delays the emergence or makes it completely impossible. In order to minimize this risk, it is necessary to use a nanogro growth stimulator. Treating the grain (seeds) with this preparation results in maximum utilization of their potential for swelling even with a minimum amount of water and activation of hydrolytic enzymes, thanks to which spare materials are activated and the seed (grain) metabolism is strengthened. Seeds treated with nanogro emerge quickly, evenly and the percentage of germinated seeds is very high. It is recommended to combine nanoGro seed dressing with a standard dressing.


The mechanism of action of nanogro is based on the physiological reaction of the plant to the appearance of metal sulphates in its environment. After penetration into the plant cell, the preparation is noticed by the receptors that transmit a signal to the so-called signal molecules (proteins being a component of the cell membrane surrounding the nucleus of the cell). Signal molecules transmit information to the cell nucleus about the appearance of new substances in the plant environment (nanogro) and activation of so-called defence genes takes place. These genes encode proteins that perform various functions in signal pathways. In this way, damaged tissues are repaired and proteins and other components are produced to prevent further damage. The perception of the stimulus is possible thanks to the presence of structures known as receptors. Their location determines the range of stimuli received. They can receive information that does not directly affect the action of the cell.

The existence of a number of receptors involved in hormonal reactions has also been scientifically proven. nanogro releases the plant's natural vitality and strengthens its resistance to unfavourable thermal conditions, humidity, mechanical damage, excessive sunlight, pests and pathogens attack and others to which the plant is exposed during the growing season.

The use of nanogro reduces the adverse effects of biotic (from living nature: pathogens, weeds, pests) and abiotic (from inanimate nature: drought, salinity, deficiency or excess water) stress. Studies prove that abiotic stress is the main global cause of crop loss. The earlier nanoGro is used, the better its effectiveness (i.e. the younger plants are treated with nanoGro, the better they will strengthen).