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Naturalny Plon

Product description:

Naturalny Plon is a crop support agent. It comprehensively affects the regeneration of plants after chemical damage, hail, frost and drought, and increases plant resistance to stress. It is unique on the market in terms of composition - the combination of amino acids and Ascophyllum nodosum marine algae extract with humic substances of the latest generation provides immediate absorption of the product into the plant and fast action.


50% algae extract (amino acids - full spectrum), alginic acid, iodine, mannitol, polyamines, phytoalexins, laminarin, 50% latest generation humic acids derived from processed lignin.

Advantages of the product

Immediately regenerates plants after damage

Improves photosynthesis efficiency

Increases plant resistance to stress

Increases water and nutrient use

Positively influences the quantity and quality of obtained crops


The product has a positive and complex impact on plants. It supports the formation of the root hair zone and induces the formation of lateral branches. As a result, the use of water and fertilizers from the soil increases, which contributes to better yield and quality of the crop. It regenerates damage in the plant caused by herbicides, hail, drought, frost, and increases plant resistance to stress.

The components of the extract are natural, derived from plants; therefore they are quickly and easily absorbed. The unique composition provides efficient and effective action and the individual components act synergistically, supporting each other in action. Each of the components of Naturalny plon (Natural Yield) has an important and irreplaceable role in the life processes of plants, affecting their growth and development as well as creating a high a quality crop.

Foliar dosage

Powder form Naturalny Plon

Agricultural crops 100-150 g / 150 - 350 l water / ha
Orchard plants 150-350 g / 600 - 1000 l water / ha
Vegetable plants 200-300 g / 250 - 500 l water / ha
Ornamental and herbaceous plants 250-350 g / 250 - 500 l water / ha

Liquid form Naturalny Plon XM

Agricultural crops 1 l / 150 - 350 l water / ha
Orchard plants 1 - 2 l / 600 - 1000 l water / ha
Vegetable plants 1 - 2 l / 250 - 500 l water / ha
Ornamental and herbaceous plants 1 - 2 l / 250 - 500 l / ha

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