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N Turgor

Product description:

N Turgor is a breakthrough product specially formulated to protect plants from unfavorable climatic conditions caused by lack of water. It imparts vigor to plants, beneficially influences the rate of growth and production under unfavorable environmental conditions.


Nitrogen with stabilizer - 15% m/m, Sodium - 2.2% m/m, Manganese - 0.1% m/m, Copper - 0.01% m/m, Zinc - 0.01% m/m, Boron - 0.01% m/m, Molybdenum - 0.01% m/m, Cobalt - 0.001% m/m. Humic substances from lignin processing - 30% m/m.


Gives the plants vigor and ensures their proper turgor

Beneficial for plants in unfavorable environmental conditions

Reduces cell dehydration, provides proper turgor

Contains stabilized by an innovative method, long-acting nitrogen (up to 100 days)

Positively influences the uptake and distribution of mineral components


N Turgor is a foliar nitrogen fertilizer improving the osmotic potential of cells, thus limiting their dehydration and ensuring proper turgor during water deficits.

The fertilizer positively influences the stability of enzymes and proteins as well as protects and reorganizes dehydrated cell membranes. It contains stabilized by an innovative method, long-acting nitrogen (up to 100 days), which stimulates plants to grow and draw additional nutrients from the soil. Greater uptake and distribution of mineral nutrients allow the plant to grow (although limited), even during water shortages and after the restoration of resources much faster recovery and higher yields.

Moreover, the product contains microelements and humic acids. Carefully selected composition where each component complements and enhances the effect of the others, together with trace elements is a very effective way to support plants during drought and other stresses.

2 l / 150-600 l water / ha Foliar spray several times a season

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A carefully developed, innovative form of nitrogen stabilization prevents nitrogen losses and ensures its availability for the plant for up to 100 days.

Additional information

According to scientific sources, sodium losses in soils are due to leaching. The annual leaching of sodium from cultivated soils in temperate zones is estimated to be between 8.5 and 35.0 kg per hectare per year. Among agricultural crops, sugar and fodder beet and rapeseed have the highest nutritional requirements for this element.

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