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full terminator

Product description:

full terminator is a specialized, highly effective nitrogen fertilizer with micronutrients and humic acids designed for use on crop residues in all types of agricultural, vegetable as well as orchard crops.


Total nitrogen (N) - 15% (m/m), Amide nitrogen (N) - 7.5% (m/m), Ammonium nitrogen (N) - 3.75% (m/m), Nitrate nitrogen (N) - 3.75% (m/m), Sodium (Na) - 2, 2% (m/m), Boron (B) - 0.01% (m/m), Copper (Cu) - 0.01% (m/m)* Manganese (Mn) - 0.1% (m/m)* Molybdenum (Mo) - 0.001% (m/m), Zinc (Zn) - 0.01% (m/m)*.

* Complexed by LS; all components water soluble.


Stimulates soil microorganisms to multiply rapidly

Uniform coverage of organic matter and easy adhesion

Preventing nutrients from being washed out of the soil and making them available to plants

Providing the nitrogen necessary for microorganisms to grow and break down organic matter

Providing micronutrients to speed up the breakdown of lignin and cellulose


Due to the proper selection of ingredients, full terminator quickly and highly effectively helps to decompose organic matter left in the field after cultivation (straw, roots, leaves, etc.), and promotes the development of beneficial saprophytic microflora that participate in the decomposition of post-harvest residues and their transformation into plant nutrients and humus.


5 l / 200 - 500 l water / ha On crop residues in the form of a fine-drip spray

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Additional information

It is recommended to use the fertilizer together with the microbiological preparation bi słoma.

full terminator has a beneficial effect on bacterial reproduction and the bi słomat formulation contains 0.5-1 kg / ha (dissolve the formulation in water and add to the sprayer with water and full terminator). Bacillus subtilis bacteria and saprophytic fungi of the Trichoderma sp. have an excellent effect on the rapid decomposition of crop residues, improve soil structure, increase the availability of nutritious mineral components and useful organic compounds, have a phytosanitary effect on soil by limiting soil-borne pathogens (competition for space and food and the production of natural antibiotics, parasitizing pathogenic fungi, deactivating harmful enzymes produced by phytopathogens, activating natural plant immunity), and participating in the formation of tuberous structure (by producing mucilage).

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