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Calory is a carefully formulated modern foliar calcium fertilizer in gel form for use during the plant growing season. It is a safe fertilizer, acts quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.


Calcium (CaO) - 15% m/m, Zinc - 0,01 m/m, Copper - 0,01 m/m, Manganese - 0,1 m/m, humic acids from lignin processing.


Guarantees proper metabolism of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron

Improves crop size and quality

Improves the storability of fruits and vegetables

Improves plant resistance to stress factors (including drought)

High content of easily absorbable calcium ensures immediate action


Calory besides supplying the plants with easily absorbable calcium (which is essential for proper development), stimulates root system development, increases Ca, P and K uptake, improves plant resistance to stress factors (including drought), and reduces the occurrence of pathogens. The high calcium saturation of cytoplasmic membranes provides a physical barrier to pathogens, particularly parasitic fungal hyphae. Calora fertilization is therefore very important in the prevention of plant health.

Agricultural crops 0,5 - 1l/ha / 200-500 l water Foliar spray 2 - 3 times a season
Vegetable plants 1 - 2l/ha / 200-500 l water Foliar spray 4 - 6 times a season
Orchard plants 1,5 - 2l/ha / 200-500 l water Foliar spray 4 - 8 times a season

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Calory fertilizer effectively supplements the need for calcium in plants.

Additional information

In our climatic conditions (Poland), the annual loss of calcium (soil penetration) is about 150 kg/ha, while crops consume 30-150 kg/ha. Nitrogen fertilizers containing ammonium and urea nitrogen also strongly acidify the soil and cause calcium losses of up to 250 kg/ha. Therefore, in order to ensure proper pH of the soil and nutritional calcium readily available to plants, it is necessary to ensure rational liming of soils based on an analysis and supplement calcium in plants by foliar feeding.

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