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bi water

Product description:

bi water is a microbiological preparation based on carefully selected, non-pathogenic strains of bacteria from the genus Bacillus sp. The product is used for biological treatment of water reservoirs (ponds, aquariums and swimming pools).

The dry form of the product contributes to the long-term maintenance of the microorganisms' vitality.


A properly selected mixture of various strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria in an amount not less than 1x109 spores in 1 gram of the product.

Bacteria contained in the product:

Eliminates unpleasant odors in standing water

Inhibits the proliferation of algae

Promotes self-cleaning of water bodies

Prevents formation of bottom sediments

It doesn’t harm animal organisms in the reservoir


In the water environment, the bacteria consume intensely dissolved products of the organic decomposition i.e.: ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, urea etc., thus reducing their concentration in the water tank.

In sufficiently aerated aquariums, ponds and pools, self-cleaning occurs due to fast consumption of soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and mineral substances by bacteria contained in bi water. Self-cleaning of water also reduces the accumulation of bottom formations and the risk of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Regular use of bi water prevents uncontrolled growth of plants and algae, as well as formation of unpleasant odors. Bi water maintains healthy and clean water during fish farming in artificial tanks.

It can be used in the presence of fish.

Closed water reservoirs, ponds First use 1 g of the product per m² of pond surface with a depth of up to 3 m.
Preventive use 1 g of the product per 1m² of surface area 2 times a month.
Aquariums Mix the preparation with water 1 g of the product per 500 ml water per 1m³
Preparation of the working solution

Dissolve the preparation with water and leave for 20 minutes. Stir and pour into the tank or use as a spray on water.

It is most effective at temperatures between +20⁰C and +30⁰C.

Possible precipitation does not affect product activity. Use every 7-14 days depending on self-cleaning of the tank.

Additional information

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

Do not apply in public swimming pools, artificial fish breeding tanks and protective zones of water intakes.

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